Zurich research team invention VR model tactile sensor

by:Fuhua     2020-09-22
Use of machine learning, eth Zurich, 乙) Researchers have developed a novel tactile sensor of low cost. Components can be described by the high resolution and high accuracy measuring force distribution, and allows the robot arm can grab fragile objects. Humans can easily with the hand grasping fragile or wet objects, the sense of touch that we can determine whether firmly seized the object, or whether the object will drop from the fingers, and the corresponding adjustment grab. Also, for grasping fragile, easy to slide or surface of complex objects of robotic arms also need the same feedback. To this end, the federal institute of technology in Zurich researchers have developed a robot tactile sensor, and that is to 'robot skin' an important step. This kind of tactile sensor can be used in the above situation dispatching. The researchers point out, the sensor design is simple, so the production cost is low. Essentially, it consists of a flexible silicone with colored plastic beads 'skin' and a fixed in the bottom of the ordinary camera. Using pure optical input of the sensor measurement method is based on visual function: when its contact with the object, the silicone skin will appear a dent, and changed the pattern of the beads, which sponsored by the sensor's underside fisheye lens. According to the pattern of these changes, the system can calculate the force distribution on the sensor. Eth Zurich dynamic systems and control study doctoral Carlo Sferrazza said: 'the traditional sensor can only record the force applied on a point, by contrast, our robot enables us to distinguish skin effect in multiple sensor surface force, and with high resolution and accuracy of calculation, we can even determine the direction of a force. 'In other words, researchers can identify not only on the sensor of vertical pressure, and also can identify the transverse effect of the shear stress. What are based on the data of development in order to calculate the force pushed beads which direction, the researchers used a comprehensive set of experimental data, through the machine control on standardized tests, they studied the different sensor contact situations, and can accurately control and change the position of the contact system, power distribution, and the size of the contact object. By using machine learning techniques, the researchers recorded thousands of contact as an example, and put them with the exact match beads patterns change. So far, researchers have made the most thin thickness sensor prototype of 1. 7 cm, measuring the surface for 5 x 5 cm. However, researchers are trying to use the same technique to achieve a larger surface of the sensor, and is equipped with multiple cameras, which can identify the complex shape. In addition, their goal is to make the sensor thinner - — They believe that using existing technology can achieve zero only. The thickness of 5 cm. Robots, sports and VR is due to the elastic silicone antiskid material, and sensors can measure the shear force, so it is very suitable for the robot arm. Sferrazza said: 'when the objects are likely to mechanical arm grab sliding out, the sensor will be identified, so that the robot can adjust its grasping force. 'Researchers can also use the sensor to test the hardness of the material or digital touch figure, if the sensor is integrated into wearable devices, cyclists can use pedal force measurements for bicycles, or runners can measure the force effect on shoes while he is jogging. Finally, the sensor can provide tactile feedback, including the development of VR games, applied to provide important information. The researchers also can use the sensor to test the hardness of materials, or using the method of digital map tactility. If integrated into wearable devices, the cyclist can be measured by pedal force threatening the bike, or jogging in the runners can be measured when the forces of shoes. Finally, the sensor can provide important information for the application of the need to tactile feedback, such as VR games.
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