Zotac 3。 0 backpack computer combined with function and portability for VR games more

by:Fuhua     2020-09-11
VR backpack has existed for a period of time, but with each iteration, they all become more powerful and user friendly. Zotac today announced its new VR GO 3. 0 backpack, compared with the previous generation products, performance by about 25%. It is understood that this is the first time this series for more than two years of updates, VR GO 2. 0 in around 2018. And the first VRGo backpack is in 16 years at Computex appearance, this is the series of the third generation of products. VR 3。 0 appearance modelling is compared with the second generation are exactly the same, sharp lines, and integrated SPECTRA of 2. 0 RGB magic lantern effect, compared with the original products to small and compact size, measurements, 280. 4×347. 5×87. 1 mm, weighing about 5. 2 kg. Besides can wear in the body, also can use the straps is removed, it becomes a regular mini game consoles. Compared with the second generation, VR GO 3. 0 is the main change will update to the GPU NVIDIA GeForce 2070 GPU RTX from eight generations, CPU core was upgraded to a core i7 - nine generations 9750 h and improved air duct design, but it is worth mentioning that thortex there is still no integration based on USB C VR link ports, so any type of display are still needs via HDMI and DisplayPort connection, but as a result of after upgrading RTX2070 GPU support ray tracing technology, makes the VR games performance has a lot of improvement. Other aspect, considering the need to wear VR, in order to get rid of the power supply wire, so the internal integration double lithium battery, support hot plug replacement, electricity run continuously unceasingly, but the official did not disclose the specific range, also equipped with a 330 w power adapter ( The old 230 w) , professional suite such as battery charging base. Other specifications, thortex VR GO 3. 0 carrying 16 gb DDR4 memory and M. 2 PCIe SSD, backpack adds a layer of perspiration resistant materials and RGB lamp, back out to you is the most beautiful boy in the street. Thortex VR GO 3. 0 as the SAN built-in battery, also can be the host to unload used as a standard desktop PC. The price of the specific configuration thortex at CES 2020 open.
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