Zhejiang unicom 5 g + VR + 4 k new technical flow live hangzhou two sessions

by:Fuhua     2020-09-05
The 11th Chinese people's political consultative conference of hangzhou committee fourth meeting on April 24, 26, opened one after another. In order to let the audience for the first time about the opening ceremony of the dynamic news, hangzhou station integrated channel by using new technology, for the opening ceremony of the new media. As the 'two sessions' hangzhou exclusive live 5 g network technical support operator, zhejiang unicom, relying on high quality 5 g, rich product innovation ability, and efficient service support capability, to join hands in hangzhou television comprehensive channel to provide 4 k high qing VR live to the audience, media platforms such as synchronous moving in CCTV news. By dragging a live screen, the audience can achieve 360 - degree panoramic viewing two sessions. Just 1 day time, unicom is completed 5 g + 4 k + VR application scheme, equipment ready to live, live debug, network optimization, etc. All the work. Live among them, in view of the VR uplink resources to demand higher qualities, unicom through targeted optimizing adjustment, the scene with uplink rate of 100 MBPS the ascent to 160 MBPS, descending rate of 800 MBPS. The guarantee period, without any caton, watch the excellent results. Health ETC wisdom escort 'two sessions' during the 'two sessions' security during the outbreak, while hangzhou epidemic situation continues to improve, but the normalized control cannot be lax. Zhejiang unicom attaches great importance to, hangzhou branch and general affairs group rushed docking, rapid response, to provide the staying hotel 'temperature + light code' powerful guarantee, realizing a complete coverage of all the stagnation point, ensure smooth during the 'two sessions' communication network and the epidemic prevention and control in order. The resident specified in the conference hotel gate at the entrance, zhejiang unicom 'health ETC Pro' smart scan code temperature measuring device is orderly work. Check-in, on behalf of the members of when entering the hotel, just put your id card in device, combined with a human face, to have health code recognition and cervix temperature, normal can pass. Second order reaction throughout the whole process, to ensure safe passage quickly, enhance the efficiency of epidemic prevention and control, the resident committee, on behalf of the consensus. Epidemic zone spreading the cooperate with congress at the same time, China unicom to provide communications services, 'the two meetings' online offline for attending members, on behalf of the special preferential provide communications services, to promote business to deal with and word of mouth publicity. Future, stick to the beginner's mind and mission, overcome difficult, use of big data, 5 g, new information and communication technology, such as artificial intelligence power 'disease' and return to work and production, ensuring people's well-being, dimensional stability, and promote harmony.
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