You have to know about VR experience store operations

by:Fuhua     2020-09-01
With the continuous development of The Times, more and more entrepreneurs choose the VR experience shop to join us. Generally, entrepreneurs how to correctly grasp the operation skills of mature can operate VR experience store, let's look at together. For a long time, for all customer oriented business, pay system member is screening and lock high-quality customers, VR experience shops to advocate membership, membership privileges and contrast to non-members. 'Once a paid member, under the same condition, the customer will choose the merchants of probability becomes much larger, already become the fixed customers, pay the membership fee has now become a net profit. 'Birds of a feather flock together a person with group of points, no matter the age, income or consumption, similar things unconsciously into small groups, in the old with the new Shared drive, the gathering effect naturally raised the' drive 'conversion rate. Give old customers drive the new users of power, strengthen the version is old users drive the new user in power at the same time, also for the new user tries to, participation motivation, and this two kinds of power is the most direct approach: preferential. When traffic cannot increase, improve guest unit price will become the important method to improve the turnover, how to let customers less visible, there are a lot of routines. Today say about VR experience store operations you have to know. Formula one: push packages, combined sales increase guest unit price of the most common way is to push the package. Consumption, for example, to play a single equipment 20 yuan, only need to pay more than 12 yuan can play a device, a lot of customers will tend to choose combination package. KFC, McDonald's, dicos in combination with push package ways to improve the unit price. Usually, when push packages, most businesses will profit higher bound and mass parity products. Improve guest unit price, also can guarantee profits. Almost all of the retail industry, with full activities promote guest unit price reduction and increase sales. Pattern 3: clever pricing in marketing, psychological pricing strategy is a kind of extremely important pricing method. Which is known as the mantissa pricing method for most of the retail enterprise applications. Psychologically, tail for eight or nine such Numbers will make consumers feel the price is not expensive. Pattern 4: waiter guide guide customers order package, to participate in the activities of preferential, can improve the guest unit price. Business is like a game in the market, own vision to prevail. Seasoned operators can see the propaganda way of word of mouth is the most intelligent growing customer base, so the choice of vr company, purchasing to cater to the market of vr equipment is the only way to make money. VR simulator manufacturer specialized operating team, allows you to run.
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