Xiamen earthquake experience pavilion

by:Fuhua     2020-11-18

earthquake experience platform

the earthquake is a kind of inevitable phenomena of nature, and the earthquake happened frequently in our country, caused by wenchuan earthquake shocked the world, to bring enormous sacrifice and damage to property in the area. Know earthquake, prevention of earthquake, the epicenter in self-help, is a common subject of human face. In order to enhance the consciousness of protecting against and mitigating earthquake disasters of teenage children in our country, popularize knowledge of earthquake science, calls national mitigation of earthquake disasters, my company China seismological bureau, institute of engineering mechanics, design for the school, the education base of the earthquake experience pavilion.

in science is not developed in the past, people to the cause of the earthquake, often with the aid of the power of the gods to explain. With the progress of the society, to know, from the view of scientific analysis, prevention of this kind of natural disaster, has become the science of modern weapons. Earthquake experience pavilion is to imitate the real system.

there is only one objective: improve the level of our country teenagers shockproof self-help in an all-round way. Popularize knowledge of earthquake, enhance teenagers earthquake disaster reduction, ego to protect consciousness, improve the ability of response to earthquakes and other emergencies, the thrust of the earthquake. We have adopted in the project planning some high-tech display, in order to increase knowledge, interest and participation of the hut, interactive, refreshing. Because it integrates modern display means such as film and television technology, photoelectric technology, which makes the earthquake experience pavilion hut in display content and form to the high starting point, large content of science and technology, full of era characteristics.

earthquake experience pavilion system

earthquake experience pavilion system completely according to the China seismological bureau on the basis of the seismic waveform data provided, including the longitudinal wave, shear wave offset, vibration frequency; And the movement characteristics of the superposition of surface wave, with the support of seismological bureau, we get the first-hand original data, wenchuan earthquake to the original data for reference for earthquake simulation experience of related indicators at or close to the movement characteristic of earthquake.

shallow seismic waves the surface features are: p-wave first arrived, transverse wave arrive after a few seconds between vertical and horizontal wave will be mixed composite wave surface wave, etc.

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