Xi 'an | a VR associated experience shop opened again

by:Fuhua     2020-09-12
Preparations have long xi 'an VR simulator manufacturer experience store opened in a variety of VR projects a clock in VR car racing VR cinema VR self-help arcade shooting zombies VR egg chair. 。 。 Fun to don't want to go! And the key is also open to send hao li mother don't have to worry about I can only watch others play VR wan da made in section weeks ( 6. 17 - 6. 27) Opening a lavish gifts! Wanda day anniversary of creation ( 6. 17 - 6. 27) Spend 198 yuan to send watches a! During the activity, top-up lavish gifts away! Prepaid phone 300, send web celebrity bubble machine! Prepaid phone 500, send PSP combined charging treasure! Prepaid phone 1000, send remote control aircraft ( For the first time experience free of charge) ! Prepaid phone card, send air purifier ( Unlimited play) for the whole year ! Store surface conditions to be addressed in shaanxi province xi 'an not ended area da wanda plaza, 3 / f 3091 telephone 175 - 2137 - 9956 welcome consulting Leke VR Matrix between Matrix empty Space imagine you are in the city of zombies and the only export be locked a big Bob how zombie hits everyone escapes. 。 。 How, think of is very stimulating matrix space, this is the wall cracks recommend! Time machine 2. 0 Leke VR Space Shuttle 2 omni-directional motion platform experience VR virtual world Space vibration, tong, such as on the simulation of the sweep the leg, blowing effects bring you unprecedented audio-visual feast! Multiple experiences more than hundred exclusive game content, everything! Rapid Leke VR lightning Flash Racing on the way to the office wall crazy want to VR world after a hardcore Racing game you need to concentrate to cope with all you need to concentrate on the road can be multiplayer support more speed fast, fast life! Le guest Corps pro Leke VR Corps pro free custom combination against space main shooting against, extreme sports, rhythm and music a variety of topics such as the game once more than satisfy your wishes come and virtual reality world action! ! ! ! What are we waiting for? Come and experience!
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