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by:Fuhua     2020-10-18

outside shrinks, the squeal of the alarm, the tables and chairs not shiver, sharp shaking head droplight, projected out apple and peach fruit tray, rolled around, water cup, water all over the floor. Send the earthquake! This is yesterday in wuhan citizens experience hall hall earthquake mitigation of earthquake disasters. Today is 5 anniversary of the wenchuan earthquake, as well as the fifth national disaster prevention and reduction day. Exhibition hall to carry out the mitigation of earthquake disasters, wuhan citizens FangBan said, the purpose is to improve the shockproof consciousness of the citizens, reduce the loss of life and property during the earthquake. The exhibition hall is located in the development of hankou road Tang Jiadun wuhan citizens FangBan left, the first floor hall area of 351 square meters, is divided into three galleries: the preface area introduced relevant policies and institutions of protecting against and mitigating earthquake disasters in our country, the main exhibition contents include earthquakes and earthquake knowledge, experience area called the earthquake simulation cabin, hereinafter referred to as the earthquake experience pavilion.

experience pavilion by experience the earthquake magnitude, have the experience to eliminate fear, earthquake society when earthquake itself. The museum is the upper house, the simulation environment that occupy the home, the lower part is a hydraulic platform that simulates earthquake effect at the time of the longitudinal wave, shear wave and surface wave. Magnitude simulation range of 3 to 8, the largest number 6 people experience.

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