Why VR fire safety science museum experience so popular?

by:Fuhua     2020-10-16

why VR fire safety science museum experience so popular?

recently, VR safety experience center has become the focus of popular science. According to statistics, every time the devastating earthquake can cause secondary disaster, fire is one of them. According to speculate that the cause of the fire is the power cord short circuit during earthquake, which ignited flammable substances, and will fire immediately. Therefore, in daily life, regular fire drill is still necessary, fuhua intelligent vr fire safety science experience museum of science and technology is a good choice.

VR fire hall allows you to experience in a virtual environment to find the correct fire escape routes; High-rise buildings have a lot of fire hazards. After the right choice, hidden danger will be displayed in the high-level model. Use the fire extinguisher is not correct. An interactive screen will give you a big X; There are a lot of fire hazards in the bedroom, you must look at fuhua intelligent technology VR fire bring you a unique experience museum the education experience.

in the fire area, set up fire theme wall, blaze burning material evidence seems to show a sad situation. To keep up with the VR technology security experience pavilion describes the danger of fire. Fire theatre in different places through 3D projection restored the scene of the fire, series, chemical plants, immersive experience, and not far from fire and let us know.

fuhua intelligent technology VR security experience pavilion area to identify potential safety hazard to escape, equipped with disaster relief materials, master the survival skills as the main teaching purpose, through the KTV, high-level family escape, to escape subway exit 3 different setting for scenario simulation to escape. How to correct the alarm, how to put out the fire, and how to safely escape? Through the rich experience of scene and game, can improve the fire response of the masses.

it is known that fuhua VR fire experience pavilion building intelligent science and technology, is in order to better provide fire safety knowledge, promote the socialization and the standardization of fire science and social science education, enhance the safety awareness and safety behavior of the public. The next step, we will continue to rich experience of fire science museum project, and invite more school teachers and students and parents to participate in the experience.

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