When vr in e-sports

by:Fuhua     2020-11-08

believe most e-sports fans have such a feeling: the game is very enjoyable, experience is a single only by hands chuang world, unable to devote only across the screen to manipulate characters, in the air to lambaste pig teammates self locked in the room for a long time, carelessly also is ironic as otaku women don't go out for a long time! E-sports in VR, however, when like tomatoes with eggs eggplant with salted fish & hellip;

so, VR and e-sports will collision between how wonderful spark? Hot VR× Hot e-sports market size exceeds 50 billion yuan!

according to the statistics, in 2015 the domestic market of e-sports scale for 374. 600 million yuan, Year-on-year growth in 65. 53%) 504, 2016, the size of the market. 600 million yuan, Year-on-year growth of 34. 7%) ; Is expected in 2017 market size exceeds 50 billion yuan!

and VR, a darling for emerging technology in recent years both of fusion will be detonated hundreds of millions or more consumer market, the circle of e-sports games in a mighty long science and technology of cyclone.

enter the VR e-sports domain, core technology, make full use of VR e-sports immersive, promote new VR e-sports experience, explore the e-sports billionaire potential market, improve the offline business customers viscosity, promote the joining trader consistently profitable, promoting the development of e-sports high-speed VR!

imagine when e-sports in VR, no longer afraid of his girlfriend angry pull wire speed can't keep up with the rhythm fate is no longer only in hands! From then on, the hero is me, I am a hero! Think I still have a little fun! E-sports to match absolutely, VR + gay friends, in addition to fun, and is the unlimited business opportunities! !

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