What is the cause of the VR gaming devices don't fire up?

by:Fuhua     2020-11-14

today we are here and you take a look at about VR gaming devices don't fire up what is the reason? Why VR has been tepid, this problem was a result of the shortcomings of VR? Support for the first time in 2015 9 nvidia graphics card VR devices, that year is also the first out of the HTC VIVE the VR, that year also received widespread attention, but it is really has a lot of advantages, such as compared to common display can bring players a more realistic and immersive, for better 3D display can also be more abundant in terms of gameplay.

to V club at the end of this year since released a VR exclusive 3 a shorter half-life alex, VR is again being pushed to the forefront. But today in statistical work, only less than 1% of the players are still VR devices. Though I also believe that VR is an inevitable trend in the future, but for now the disadvantage of VR, especially some fatal flaw, let me to the ecosystem in the next three to five years is can't see any hope.

we for some on the surface of the first, if you have any understanding of the VR slightly friends may know, some of the pitfalls of VR early. First of all equipment prices high. HTC VIVE price as high as eight thousand yuan in 2015, it was basically is ordinary players cannot match the price. The second very tall to the requirement of computer configuration, in 2015 or nine is a graphics card, GTX980 with VR.

these two problems is truly very stop players problem at that time. In 2020 has improved but these questions, such as the configuration requirements of the problem, but now is 20 series of lowest RTX2060 can fluent use of VR. And on the price of the equipment, although high-end VR, such as V club INDEX and HTCVIVEPRO is still more than 7000, but on the market, there are also some mid-range VR devices, such as OCUIUS RIFTSV only need three thousand yuan, but the lower part of the VR in gaming experience would be far worse, by frames low resolution, the viewing Angle is not enough, and so on. So, although computer configuration needs no longer has a problem, but the price of the VR devices will stop most of the players.

in addition to the price and the requirement of computer configuration, there is an obvious question is game VR is too little, VR games are mostly independent games, a handful of 3 a are also cold rice, such as radiation VR, doom VR, etc. Arguably the only non cold rice 3 a masterpiece is the half-life alex. For a player to spend thousands of yuan to buy back VR can only play a few games, and only a monopoly of 3 a. Unless the local tyrants, general players is certainly don't want to. VR on the surface of the problem, and we will talk more deeply. The VR industry currently has a major issues have not been able to solve. Is VR motion sickness disease, VR motion sickness disease occurs is players playing in VR nausea, nausea, or vomiting, this is normal basically can have such symptoms. VR motion sickness is one of the brain's normal feedback, because VR is too real.

in general, need to be installed in the high position than man, it can't avoid metope stiletto installation problem. And if your room is not reserved good socket location, you might want to van meter connection, may have to lug plate. Although there are currently no locator VR, have sent a lot, but in the positioning results VR ontology head show, now also have to pass a cable to connect the computer. In general need to pick up when I was playing the three or four meters long thread, the current wireless technology, far less than the transmission speed, VR need VR use DP interface speed is 32. 4GBbps. The WiFi highest rate is 9. 6Gbps。

although we can use some of the video compression technology, but it will bring quality lower, the worst is that the increase of the delay, delay is very important in VR, high delay picture will not turn somersaults. Can cause dizziness, so at present each big manufacturers are using wired connection.

VR so many equipment and their needs, the final wire can be very complex. In addition to installation and wire multifarious, VR interior space to players still have demand? Players will need at least a 10 square meters or so of the open field. For the current VR trouble, play tidy up, make room can still. But if you want to use the omni-directional treadmill, rarely have a family to have such a big space. One of the reasons for the problem space is also stop players. I think even if in the next few years, VR ecosystem still does not change good big probability may be, VR now these problems may say is a vicious cycle.

due to the equipment price is high, VR games, lead to players not, fewer players developers also reluctant to VR platform development game, monopoly 3 a is to see a little more, it cannot attract more players, this vicious circle is also has been ongoing since 2015.

this is why VR ecosystem this five years almost no development, to deep the problem about VR motion sickness disease, players or compromise with blinking method, either buy omni-directional treadmill, blinking method reduces the gaming experience. Omni-directional treadmill will make itself is already very multifarious VR equipment more complex, has increased the demand for space, more stop players. VR motion sickness disease, as it were, demand and equipment space these fatal problem is not solved, even if we said in front of the vicious cycle can be broken, VR is still unable to popularize.

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