What is novel and interesting experience of VR pavilion fun?

by:Fuhua     2020-09-22
Follow the development of science and technology, people's cultural method also constantly changes, many chic funny entertainment new method into our days, VR experience pavilion is the latest one of the most popular recreational way. Walking in the street, the most prosperous commercial center, local people exuberant, might have a VR entertainment experience pavilion. VR experience with its cool feeling, really feeling, super sense of science and technology, educational and other characteristics, widely popular with consumers. VR entertainment to carry out, a set of data is good to clarify below: 2016 is the first year of virtual reality, precisely, is the first year of virtual reality industry, may be said to be the first use of virtual reality. Many market research arrangements are bullish on the industrial vision of virtual reality. In the latest virtual reality industry: in the spring of 2017 ', the market research to arrange GreenlightInsights speculated that by the end of 2017, virtual reality industry total revenue will reach $7. 2 billion, meanwhile, hardware products, that is, VR head equipment will give 4. 7 billion dollars. Goldman sachs is speculation virtual reality market scale will reach $80 billion in 2025. Citigroup speculation level to reach $2035 mall. VR entertainment market hot, attract a lot of investors to enter, the market has also emerged a large number of joining chain of VR entertainment experience. Brand competition between encouragement, about want to preempt the VR entertainment mall points a bucket of gold investors, has both advantages and disadvantages. From a good hand, brand competition between acute, inadvertently reduces the investors to join into the threshold. But, on the other hand, the brand of heavy and complicated, simple for investors to see too many things to see, can't choose the suitable brand, even be cheated. On both sides of the first Chinese BBS held in pingtan, fujian province, the first Chinese VR experience pavilion floor pingtan. Traditional VR experience pavilion after using advanced electronic multimedia skills, bring us a kind of brand-new cognition, and more generous comfortable experience, yesterday, at the scene of the 'Chinese learning experience activity, let's complex feelings the classics and modern VR, the AR technology of combining the charm. A blue screen, a computer and some auxiliary equipment, here is the VR calligraphy and Chinese painting experience area. Meanwhile, the charm of ink is a VR calligraphy and Chinese painting education classes use software, to study in virtual environment replace traditional graphic method of education. In the skill personnel, experience on VR blindfold, eyes was empty little space turns into a study of the ancient, by replacing ink from soup to nuts, feeling stretched out his hand to touch, but actually reached out to nothing. If test moves forward, the study also finds himself location in mobile, followed rolling rolling body scene, crouched down, Angle of declines, the feeling is very wonderful. The things in the room also can pick it up, can under the guidance of skilled workers, right hand holding the interactive handle to touch the writing brush, learning calligraphy, to depict the calligraphy and painting, on the right side of the table pen rack on the thickness of indeterminacy of dispute of brushes to replace, all this copybook to selecting, stone lions are available to cover the seal. Experience is completed, will let you as long as a kind of feeling: originally eyes really fraud brain! Present a lot of people have more vigorously, 'let's schedule is for this is the campus activities, VR skills almost too handsome, feel the same as in the real scene! 'from city middle and primary school grade 6 students Ren Yixin said with a face of surprise. Want to wear hanfu to experience under our own traditional dress? Don't have to spend money, don't have to buy, 'body feeling hanfu garment to strange, let you experience' locker artifact is a transient changed of addiction! Insomuch taijiquan is deeply beloved by people of all ages, no capital more efficiently if you want to learn tai chi chuan, you can try after 'body feeling taijiquan AR skills, let you points minutes to learn tai chi chuan. What is the Confucius education workshop experience? Confucius education lecture on the big screen, after the camera for the capture of real experience is also able to see myself in the screen, deepen the meantime experience the Confucius temple. Interactive display wall and brushes signature photography, radar, etc. , take you feel high skills to meet the charm of traditional Chinese learning!
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