What is fire experience pavilion, the benefits of the popular science education

by:Fuhua     2020-11-02

as the city lined with high-rise buildings, fire safety caused by more and more attention, but while some building, each floor are on fire safety. But because people don't know how to use, so there is a fire, don't know what to do, only know call 119, but some small fire, it is can use some of the equipment to put out, be fire come out, that's not much some formalities? So fire experience pavilion of popular science education have more benefits? If you are in a fire experience pavilion, to experience personally once, in his own left a deep impression in the brain, next time if there is such a thing, can know how to do it. Into the fire experience pavilion, there is a fire control simulation demonstration system, can according to the requirements of you need to choose, is what causes a fire, can what to do, how to just calculate put out the fire. And met different fire, what should I do? In which a fire extinguisher, and then the fire extinguishers should be how to use. These things are can experience in fire fighting experience pavilion. Fire experience pavilion in addition to these, is the fire hidden system, such as intelligent hidden perils in the kitchen fire, or through some field simulation scenario for troubleshooting have fire hazards, to how to deal with.

so these are fire experience the benefits of the pavilion.

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