What is an earthquake experience pavilion, what good is it?

by:Fuhua     2020-10-19

what is an earthquake experience pavilion, what good is it? The earthquake experience pavilion is composed of earthquake cabin and equipment. Earthquake hut was the audience feel the earthquake house, and the earthquake equipment is a simulator. It can simulate, longitudinal wave and transverse wave at the time of the earthquake shaking, etc. When the crowd in earthquake house to watch the video, at the same time the earthquake simulator of simulation, the magnitude of earthquake in the video, the intensity and duration. Set up in order to enhance the actual effect, also increase the variety of earthquake effects, you can experience the electrical short-circuit spark, hot smoke house, the lights flickering, local fire, let visitors see case study earthquake knowledge. When it comes to wenchuan earthquake, it is clear to all, when the big earthquake to let everyone remember. After the earthquake painful lessons, the government pay more and more attention to this aspect of the safety education to the earthquake. Because when a lot of people do not have consciousness should do after the earthquake, how to save his life. Now the virtual reality technology can simulate the time of the earthquake, by the earthquake, people can experience pavilion to feel when after the wenchuan earthquake. This experience pavilion for popular science education have a very good effect.

in the earthquake experience hall, the public can wear 3D glasses, sitting in the dynamic seat. You will see in front of screen, it rains, the earthquake hit, the audience in the small room, experience to move up and down, in the cinema is blowing and spray, to experience is to create a real environment. Experience who can check the tangshan earthquake of wenchuan earthquake magnitude, and at the time of the environment is to learn safe self-help skills. This is the experience pavilion of the greatest benefits to the person.

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