What are the operational strategy children vr playground equipment?

by:Fuhua     2020-11-16

children what vr playground equipment operating strategy? Operation management and planning marketing two pieces of vr are children playground equipment inside the most basic and most critical internal work, to be exact for marketing efforts to make the professional comprehensive considerations, system, efficiency and ascend, change the VR simulator in the past children playground venues guided by task system transformation to the target system, pushed the marketing work to a higher level, in particular, can be considered from the following three parts. Fuhua vr to introduce:

a, basic information.

for children's amusement park project VR simulator, or other projects, the importance of the site location is indisputable. Business circle research roughly divided into two parts, business circle analysis and location analysis.

in paradise, for example, also known as the trading business, refers to park is located as the center, along a certain direction and distance of the extension, the radiation scope of attracting customers. In short, is a paradise to attract the customer geographic area. A business circle is generally made the main business circle, is located at the center of the area to extend peripheral secondary business circle, and driven to the edge of the marginal business circle, the three parts of patchwork, and business circle can from business circle and the personnel structure and the market potential, competitive property business circle, analyzed the store customers.

2, atmosphere.

in the customer's basic gameplay experience and environment on the basis of the stores need to give our customers more fun, fun, and the different experience such as novelty, fashion, such help stores work called atmosphere of long-term, stable business activities, is the store must be committed to the long-term work.

store atmosphere activities to carry out the need for our customers' psychological preferences, this phase of the environmental characteristics and the operating demand three aspects to make the comprehensive consideration, look for opportunities of atmosphere to create points, suit at this stage the customer's psychological demand, improve customer satisfaction, working for store traffic and revenue.

festal atmosphere rendering can stimulate consumption crowd, most grab festival elements on track4 creates a unique marketing activities to active the atmosphere, is likely to pass the people will be attracted, so many children's paradise will seize the consumer habits will be a point of view, to launch a variety of activities or preferential, at the time of holiday, creating profitable small peak. One more thing, children's playground, both inside and outside environment of mutual cooperation set off is very important, so as to let the consumer feel fully festival atmosphere, and left a deep image of paradise.

according to the different customer groups, there are different ways to attract them. Aimed at young customers, add activity and sense of fun in the play process, the participation of randomness, participate in the threshold is lower, to fully interested customers; Customer groups and families with children as the center, so love to children, happy, parents tend to favor the child grow the aspects must be build, make the child happy, parents happy. Paradise now needed detailed, differentiated services, because consumers don't like before, now they more pursuit is a kind of enjoyment of life quality, want to rely on just fool a few times already in the past, perfecting the member information and customer loyal players, try to get to know each one of the players, to meet the requirements of the players is reasonable, increase the communication between consumers and companies, gradually establish a long-term friendship, in order to form a stable customer base.

three, revenue.

monthly indicators, decomposed to each project and focus on the machine, and revenue data statistical monitoring in week, compared with project revenue, popularity, or accept money is insufficient, or there is opportunity. Based on this background, to set up the forecast increase quantity ( Such as sentiment, collect COINS, revenue, etc. ) , and thus improve quantity as the goal, design planning marketing business activity program. Is self-evident in the process, the importance of the manager, the manager need to think about business issues, to participate in the activities of planning, planning business and work as a whole; Competent personnel assistant activities related to the implementation of, the implementation of the project process report and activities.

how to determine if there is any change, may be most people can only speak a roughly, the business is a serious problem. Through the machine to receive money situation table statistics, managers can know clearly what are the projects to the same period in the state of operation and revenue, compared with the current increase reduced what; Determine if there is any change in business environment, to watch over the same period and statistics on the stage, are rising or falling over the last year, months on stage are rising or falling, rising or falling each projects, all of the data forecast this phase overall business direction. Store manager can according to the income derived from target and the sales target setting, adjust the overall revenue goals.

in the end, Suggestions on vr playground equipment operation, children can do a table in the excel, the difficulty or is listed scheme, which can then be by rating, finally considering all factors, select the best scheme.

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