What are the 5 d cinema equipment?

by:Fuhua     2020-11-13

here today with all of you take a look at about 5D cinema equipment mainly have? 5D cinema core equipment: mainly stereo projection system, projection system, control equipment, dynamic platform, hydraulic system, special control system, sound system, fusion, 3D film, etc.

1, the dynamic movement and 4D effects perfect unifies in together. Has all the features of the action and the 4D movie, can be used independently, and can be combined, the sensory stimulation of the audience to achieve the highest.

2, a pollution-free, environmental protection; Two energy saving, compared with the traditional similar devices save energy about 50%.

3, operation cost is low, and basically 4D cinema equipment.

4, to a unit of two or four seats, combined the scale of the cinema.

5, control valve seat system through technical modification, fully adapted to the domestic environment, greatly improve the reliability, to avoid the obstruction caused by dust affects the use of equipment.

the content of the above details for you about what are the 5 d cinema equipment? As well as relevant content introduction, hopes to be able to help you described above.

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