Want to open a shop must look, she held VR experience shop an income of 100000!

by:Fuhua     2020-11-10

li hua who is it?

fuhua intelligent technology star alliance business. She opened two VR shop in three months. 2 stores turnover reached 100000, becoming the VR industry's most profitable. Why what did he do it.

mainly he choose good products, good collocation. Do this line, she says, in addition to choose a good product, good also to match.

which products do you want to know he chose to make a lot of money? His choice of product is good, have the earthquake museum, hunting shooting, double car, VR machine guns and children VR. So, she is how to find the VR company, but also collocation is very good?

Li Huayou a nephew, he listened to his nephew said that day in school experience the earthquake, feel very good. That day no earthquake, where the earthquake! She asked her nephew, her nephew said, is the school built a quake museum, they can go to experience, very good. With merchant consciousness, she soon found this to be a business opportunity. Then li hua went to the school experience the earthquake museum, found that is very good, then contact merchant.

would you like to open a shop like this, if you'd like to open, click on the following consultation!

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