VR2018GTI show ended, one of the most popular products is ta

by:Fuhua     2020-09-28
Today, 2018 gti ended! From 56 countries and regions in the world for international professional buyers to purchase, new entertainment leading virtual reality - — VR simulator manufacturer duly appeared, with numerous new exhibition for three days, full of harvest! The sword dance master C a debut the sword dance master the GTI show debut, is a music beat products, has a delicate game scene, high-definition image quality, also combined with the innovation of VR. Players in the game can be accompanied by a dynamic music, using your fingertips simulation lightsaber cut by a square. Popular master of the sword dance, sword dance master product positioning experience store with dynamic music, combined with highly ornamental performance, can quickly experience store to attract a large number of popular, absolutely is your the second half of the suction gold essential elaborative works ( Clap thigh * 2) Field experience 'sword dance master' game goal is to cut the beat when they come to your side, every beat pointed out that which one would you need to use the lightsaber, and the orientation of brandishing a lightsaber. All the music in the game are to highlight the rhythm game, adding players brandishing a lightsaber blow, let players when cutting cube and avoid obstacles can dance to. Beauty favorite sword dance master now launched 10 music welcome to contact us to discuss cooperation matrix space two edition debut consumption down under the big background, we launched ping matrix space effect than higher version, contrarian suction gold, (the world Clap your hands * 3) Appearance level high matrix space version, covers an area of less than 6 ㎡, exclusive custom game, zombie war terror, dynamic floor, experience more real, welcome to contact us to discuss cooperation. Future still cool in the hot cool series, legend of the legendary - — Future series also visit the GTI, bring powerful experience for the players, a few will experience three clock, you will like me, beat fall in love with the future series service upgrade, VR simulator manufacturer to provide you with one-stop shop services in the past two years as high-profile emerging technology, virtual reality technology to become one of the many industry transformation and upgrading of the preferred. VR simulator factory accumulated many years of experience in VR shop management experience, successfully help many customers to achieve successful landing VR technology to industrial upgrading, and hope to share the experience with all customers, to improve its service: 1. Equipment layout 2 stores. Collection decoration output reference 3. Equipment installation and debugging and technical training. 4. Operations and employee handbook 5. Promotional material reference support 6. After sales service team 7. Continuous update 8 software content. 9 resources integration scheme. 10 resource integration schemes. Cooperative extension service through these days of exhibition, master of the sword dance, such as VR products are very popular with professional players, and the public, VR offline entertainment has become a popular trend, through the solution of VR simulator manufacturer, hardware, software, and the integrated operation ability of the game, create the new entertainment experience. The GTI show for VR simulator provides a very professional manufacturers, the sentiment is very strong platform, show amazing size and the enthusiasm of the audience impressed us. VR simulator manufacturer will continue to 'new technology, new entertainment' to upgrade the entertainment industry, continue to create a huge profit space VR new entertainment products! VR simulator manufacturer, let every man be able to play perfect VR entertainment experience!
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