VR YUR release YUR fitness company. Watch: real-time tracking calories

by:Fuhua     2020-09-07
Name derived from 'according to You Are' start-up YUR hoped to improve the fitness of interest and approachable, today the company launched a virtual sports watch application: YUR. 手表。 It is reported, the most striking feature of this app is, to a virtual intelligent fixed in your virtual wrist watches, when you play VR games can draw on it to view the simulation information such as the heart rate, time, let you when VR games can track calories at any time. Simulate the heart rate is very interesting, although generally VR handle without heart rate test module, but YUR. Watch should be based on VR capture the body, hand and arm movement data and frequency, to infer and simulate the heart rate, and then take advantage of comprehensive data, to simulate the health data such as calorie consumption. In particular, YUR. Heart rate watch can provide information including: simulation, local time, squat times, daily calories, YUR level ( 1 - 60 level upgrade, and can obtain more watches skin) , etc. ) in addition to support password, to ensure privacy. You can also download the mobile app of form a complete set, when not to use VR can also track record of his fitness. Compatible, YUR said: the application integration in any Unity game, specifically including the vision ', 'RacketNX', 'OhShape', 'the Synth Riders' and so on. Head show, compatible with PC VR and Quest all-in-one. Usually, for fitness plan to use VR system, wear a sports watch to track the heart rate, record their action and movement. But when you put on VR head show, can not see the watch at any time, unless took his head. Therefore, YUR. Watch is very good to solve the problem, let you in VR can get information you need. In addition, considering the VR games will not display time, use YUR. Watch can let you don't return home page can see time. YUR, of course. Watch for the tracking accuracy of health data can't watch with normal intelligence, in the future, if it can combine with smart watches, believe that will bring a better experience. YUR co-founder and chief executive of Cix Liv said: 'through fitness development into the game, we are will to forge a future YUR Peloton. Games and fitness has been our biggest hobby, and believe that more and more people wish to combine these two kinds of interest at the same time. ”
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