VR will become the important components of outdoor experience

by:Fuhua     2020-09-12
VR Star driving simulator in Bristol by motion sensor and high-fidelity sound will experience ascend to a new level, 360 degrees of visual effect and the depth of field with another dimension. Los Angeles Dreamscape Immersive development experience and even use wind turbine to increase the feeling of movement. British developers Immotion Martin Higginson, executive director of the said: 'the need to get the complete experience, VR visual, sound and actions, such as a full range of linkage, VR will become an important component of outdoor experience in a few years. 'Before Christmas, Immotion £ 1. 3 million m investment in Europe and the United States to launch platform. In last year bought the animation Studio company located in Manchester after Liddell, Immotion intends to run his own game. Higginson said: 'now you see and experience as the early stages of a computer game. But the situation will improve rapidly. These games is 2 k resolution, but soon we will be running 4 k, faster processing speed, apply colours to a drawing is better. We will take you on Jurassic cruise ships or helicopters to fly over the serengeti. 'The head of the VR equipment company AiSolve Devi Kolli says:' mall if not using cutting-edge technology renovation, will not be able to survive, to invest in new generation of virtual reality technology, the existing market destination might be back in the game, but they will have to compete with VR Star such special space. 'PWC VR consultant Jeremy Dalton says, the complexity of the VR experience for the mall provides the ideal opportunity. He expects full-year 2018 take 2. $9. 9 billion in the four types of LBVR are classified as market, many people experience, VR cinema and VR theme park. In all four categories, the fastest growing VRcades. From the point of the size of the market, according to the forecast of Greenlight, global VR overall market size of more than $60 billion in 2018, is expected to VR market scale will reach 160 billion yuan in 2020, during the compound growth rate for 63. 3%.
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