VR was invited to huawei VR cloud ecological planning ( Shenyang) Meeting, discuss cloud VR + brigade

by:Fuhua     2020-09-09
On December 24, huawei VR cloud of ecological planning and virtual reality industry in shenyang, the workstation preparatory meeting, held in shenyang huawei VR cloud innovation center. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss how to make the 5 g, artificial intelligence, VR as a representative of a new generation of information technology and industry depth fusion, promoting the development of national economy quality. Shenyang heping district generation warden Netherlands, huawei enterprise business in liaoning secretary clock home such as leading experts gave speeches, to discuss 5 g + cloud VR industry ecological development. The meeting also invited VR industry enterprises and experts from all over the country to attend, VR simulator manufacturer COO Yang Xiangming was invited to attend. Bring about shenyang heping district generation warden Netherlands in the meeting, huawei, Shenyang) VR cloud innovation center officially to China academy of information communication, Northeastern University and other institutions of invitation, to form virtual reality industry in shenyang, the workstation. The workstation will be dedicated to solving key problems faced by the virtual reality field, including virtual reality industry development key, standards, industrial chain coordination, resource integration and sharing, transformation of technical achievements, innovation support and promotion, in heping district to create the most suitable for the ecological environment of the development of VR industry. Virtual reality at the same time, to accelerate the industry development, increase the virtual reality and the industry of the real economy integration innovation, introduced the meeting will be held in March 2020 in heping district of the first China ( Shenyang) 5 g + VR industry summit and VR application innovation contest. By hosting the games will improve the heping district virtual reality industry popularity, attract more outstanding VR enterprise landing of heping district, VR innovative talents cultivation, mining, building VR shenyang new business CARDS. Share part in enterprise, VR simulator manufacturer COO Yang Xiangming Shared cloud integration development in the field of VR and brigade has a very broad application prospects, these areas with the aid of cloud VR technology, can greatly improve the text brigade in the field of interactive and view and admire a gender. Bring about VR simulator manufacturer COO Yang Xiangming meeting finally, shenyang peace district party committee, the district government leaders say, in the face of the new trend of industrial development, shenyang will embrace VR industry, the construction of ecological system, create a 5 g era new era, build a new highland VR development in northeast China.
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