VR was invited to attend 5 g Cloud VR application innovation conference

by:Fuhua     2020-09-17
On the morning of November 20, virtual reality industry advance will quarterly meeting and 5 g Cloud VR innovative applications meeting was held in Qingdao laoshan mountain in shandong province unicom building. During the meeting, laoshan district, issued the virtual reality industry development action plan for three years, 2020 - 2022). 》。 ( Mr VR simulator manufacturer group co-founder and COO Yang Xiangming invited) 'Virtual reality industry are China,' the new results were obtained in hong-kun zhang, deputy district chief in his speech pointed out that since 2016, when the laoshan district is put forward to build strategic plan of 'virtual reality', after three years of development, relying on the 'VR industry policy article 12' to help enterprises measures, such as virtual reality industry into the fast lane. Scientific research ability, through the active implementation of the 'nest on a' strategy, successively introduced China academy of information communication, virtual reality/augmented reality technique and application of national engineering laboratory, Beijing university of aeronautics and astronautics, Beijing university, Beijing institute of technology, shandong university and other institutions more than 10 high level universities, currently in the research and development unit of the same kind of more than 70% of the research and development institutions, r&d spending reached 2. 5. 4 billion yuan, the virtual reality of scientific research innovation strength among the top. Industry scale, the district gathering virtual reality more than hundred enterprises, introduce the birds see, quantum cloud, yu, but a number of virtual reality backbone enterprises, successfully created the first domestic national virtual reality high-tech industrialization base, industry revenue has reached 4 billion yuan last year, profit of 2. 5. 5 billion yuan, laoshan is a new generation of information technology industry 'from scratch' and 'have to'. Industry influence, three years in a row for the celebration of the international conference on virtual reality innovation also let laoshan virtual reality industry development on the international stage, 'virtual reality industry in China are' influence continued ascension. 5 g promotes the development of virtual reality into a new era now virtual reality industry development bottleneck mainly embodied in large-scale application level is low, the usual level of the exhibition hall, non-isolating, niche, the same development pattern and restricts the popularization, most of the virtual reality application demonstration stay on phase of 'look good'. But at the same time, we should be delighted to see, 5 g commercial to promote innovation and development of virtual reality industry provides a new opportunity, with 5 g cloud to represent the large-scale application of virtual reality attempts to bring the public the diversified business experience, and also for the industry to explore out a industry level, snatched the diversity of the type, scale, development path, a landmark in the history of virtual reality industry. Ministry of industry in the 'about accelerating the development of virtual reality industry guidance' also explicitly pointed out that in to 'cloud synergy development end and application of the virtual reality of network distribution service aggregation platform ( 云虚拟现实) ”。 In this background, in order to further consolidate the industry has both advantages and cling to 5 g with artificial intelligence era opportunity window, laoshan district government on the meeting issued the laoshan action plan 2020 - virtual reality industry development 2022 '. 'Action plan' booster laoshan set foot on a new journey 'action plan' combines the virtual reality technology and the trend of the development of the industry with actual situation, the laoshan cling to 5 g era opportunity window, make 'virtual reality application innovation demonstration zone' is put forward, by VR into the community, into the factory, into the stadium and a series of scale, can be born, has the output as a new engine industry development, the application of innovation to create virtual reality industry of 2. 0. 'Action plan', contains the general requirements, major tasks and implementation measures and guarantee measures of four major parts, with industrial development, technology innovation and integration application development as traction, will speed up the layout 'encourage innovation, speed up technological breakthrough', 'to strengthen the industry collaboration, speed up ecological construction', 'exploration scale application, realizes the pratt &whitney VR', 'deepening the public service, optimize the industrial environment' four key tasks and the development of virtual reality state innovation center ', 'construction of have the international competitiveness of the industry base', 'create virtual reality application innovation demonstration zone', 'building virtual reality ecosystem supporting platform' four key projects for the development of building industry effect safeguard measures. Pragmatic cooperation open a new chapter in the virtual reality industry development in addition to the 'action plan' release, highlight the conference, one is by the China unicom network institute with the Chinese mail tunnels court two joint evaluation was established by virtual reality lab; 2 it is to rely on is located in Qingdao laoshan mail tunnels ( Qingdao) Science and technology innovation center started covering the GuanYun application of virtual reality measurement verification work, the construction, attended by more than 10 backbone enterprises; Three is by the Qingdao bureau of industry and information technology reading action plan for 5 g industry in Qingdao, Qingdao 5 g industry development overall vision and key project; Four is released by Oriental companies such as huawei, haier, Beijing virtual reality application report, vertical industry around the key technology of virtual reality development trend and application progress on share discussion etc, jointly open a new chapter in the virtual reality industry development. Five is in the China Association for Science and Technology innovation service center, under the support of virtual reality technology innovation of science and technology association around the virtual reality technology discussion exchange association for science and technology innovation and enterprise organization construction, and introduces the China Association for Science and Technology innovation resources sharing platform - The main function and the role of 'green platform'.
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