VR virtual reality to how many money? How are we going to in one million

by:Fuhua     2020-09-20
In recent years, the popular virtual reality VR market to cause the attention of many investors and the social from all walks of life, some commercial smell businessman, have targeted the VR virtual reality the simmering tuyere, all want to head to eat before the outbreak of the billions of market with her soup. In VR virtual reality industry, the investment cost is low, the most promising projects of VR experience pavilion, then join the VR virtual reality experience hall naturally become the enterprises in the industry's best way. Do any business losses make, VR virtual reality, is no exception. Master the skills and tricks may not be in a few years to earn big, also won't do can lose everything. A few days before the accident found a popular fire VR experience pavilion, and the place from the staff to understand the experience up to hundreds of thousands of average monthly turnover. Out of curiosity, the reporter visited the VR experience, and learn more about its franchised brand of VR dream time and space, finally found the trick to its earnings. The reporter understands, joined the VR devices that had the VR experience leading dream space-time VR, all the equipment used by dream time and space. According to the manager, his shop is popular devices in VR horse riding, six king of VR gun shooting tank warfare. 'The VR on horseback has been a lot of people love to play, and even some children under the age of six or seven will also come to play' the manager said. In fact, the depth profiling these a few equipment, it is not difficult to find their commonness, that is popular! VR riding equipment is NO1 in popularity last year and this year spring hot style, before it is reported that last dream time the VR riding equipment sales of more than 500 6 days, so its popularity is not generally high. And VR gun king, though shooting tank warfare than VR and riding high popularity, but its popularity is not low, can see clue with one from the shop in the queue. Out of curiosity, the reporter himself to experience the experience of equipment. Wear a helmet, feel entered a also really also unreal world, look around before entering the game, the scene is very real, can see blue sky up, to see our own exclusive BMW, screen appears at this time the countdown, BMW pentium, and sometimes jumping, sometimes reined in, feel the speed and passion of the horse. Many knights in front of Mercedes, very nervous, also very want to go beyond them, unexpectedly accidentally spilled a water jumped into the water, just slow lead to god, a giant monster began to flame, the dickens of a job to avoid attack and chase. Before, I would often go to the exhibition experience vr devices, a few play down will be very dizzy, the play won't feel a bit dizzy, and play is very exciting, I already have a crush on the immersive feel. According to staff, fantastic space-time has professional r&d team from samsung, netease game content and game content more fresh than other VR gaming devices on the market, and every once in a while they will update film, has maintained the newness. The location & amp; Operation: traffic and operation method is very important in any industry, the more people, the greater the chance of making money! As a result, people concentrated malls, YouLeCheng, movie theaters, etc. Will be a better choice of scenic spots, for relatively simple VR equipment is located in the net cafe, a museum, science museum and other places. A corresponding larger pressure but crowded place rent, for the dream time and space operations manager advice: 'regardless of the location in which crowded places, must will rent control in the turnover of less than 30%, to ensure profitability. Join for each business, we will provide professional solutions, from the store location to decorate, we have professional guidance. In addition to the crowd flow, operation method is quite seriously, event hype, favourable activity also cannot little! The manager of the restaurant told reporters: 'dream time headquarters to provide professional guidance to our operations, such as how to do discount activity, when we do activities, never without reason, but there is a proper' reason ', opening, holiday, double tenth, 12-12. 。 。 。 。 Users can't feel you have something nothing will make activities, when you don't do activities that nature is no one to go. Secondly, when doing discounts --, we never sale directly, but in what 'three men, one free of charge' or 'family peers, children free to play two times, not only can use discount to attract people to play, to increase the profit. ”
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