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by:Fuhua     2020-09-01
Put on a pair of glasses, connected to computer or mobile phone, you can enter a new virtual world, this kind of similar science fiction movie 'the matrix scenario is us, and let all the implementation technology is recently popular' VR virtual reality technology. Sensorium announced last year, XR company cooperate with social VR platform Redpill XR concert platform, about music, games, activities and programs for fans to provide a platform for social and explore. Originally the platform is expected to be launched this year, but Sensorium announced today will be postponed to the first quarter of next year, and announced its name: the Sensorium Galaxy '. Sensorium Galaxy development began in 2018, and successively won the Russian billionaire mikhail prokhorov ( Mikhail Prokhorov) Of more than $100 million investment. Sensorium Galaxy, can allow the user to access a fully digital alternative universe, create their own avatar, enjoy rich social experience. The Sensorium Galaxy have registered to open, plans to officially released in February 2021, support for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift S. In Sensorium in the Galaxy, the user will not limited to the default avatar, this platform allows the user to generate complex and unique virtual said. Artificial intelligence technology and virtual reality technology to support the user personalized avatar appearance, setting characteristics, and other important elements in personal data. In addition, users can extend in the digital environment and the management role, and simulate the various events in the virtual world. According to previously found in the experience of the measurement of the Sansar, music, dance, indeed for VR social bring a lot of fun, when you don't know how to communicate with strangers, dance is the fastest way of ice. As a result, the Sensorium Galaxy 'may attract music lovers to gradually open the market, promote the development of VR social. Mr Prokhorov: oneself though not a man who often use VR, but optimistic about the potential of this technology, the virtual world is expected to become a part of the human social evolution. Mikhail prokhorov said: 'we believe that, with the constant progress of VR technology, VR virtual reality world will sink in, will reach the life of people, VR virtual reality, VR virtual reality technology will bring unprecedented business opportunities. In the next 10 years, we expect the VR technology will lead to explosive market growth. 'At present, the VR market is very broad, not just in VR on social development, and VR gaming devices, popular science education, party building, life etc on more and more popular, because along with the advance of VR technology, especially VR games industry has been growing steadily rising, with the popularity of fragmentation consumption, VR gaming experience hall has become a good place for recreation for the people. VR industry in the future period, the potential!
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