VR theme pavilion experience how management would be better?

by:Fuhua     2020-10-17

with the progress of technology and user of new forms of entertainment, VR has already become one of the popular current technology, experience in VR pavilion, you can see at the top of the mont blanc thousands of meters of altitude, to pass through a narrow wooden bridge, go to the other side of the hill, at present is all over the sky snow, ear is howling winds, the body can feel the coolness of obviously, remove VR glasses, in front of you is just an ordinary wooden bridge.

although VR hardware and software development faster, but as a result of user acceptance, equipment price and the content source, and many other factors, hardware sales to individual users need a universal time. VR theme experience pavilion, offline experiences before hardware popularity will be important to liquidate VR business model in exports, offline experience model to speed the VR hardware be born to the education market, on the other hand can provide fast cash channels, promote the development of the industry as a whole VR. In the current environment, offline experiences as the mainstream of current VR industry promotion business model, imagination and upgrade space is huge in the future.

the current development of VR technology and the expansion of users at a makes it from the experience of all kinds of science and technology exhibition zone to the experience of various offline pavilion. VR experience service provider by building up a set of out-of-the-box small VR ecological, lowered the threshold of the VR experience, meets the requirements of people's psychology of novelty seeking. In the case of VR hardware and software have not reached maturity, the phantom star VR offline experience shop is a very good offline promotion way. Compared with users to buy, VR user experience overhead is small, length, when using site space is large, more easily accepted by users. While VR experience pavilion at the time of their own profit to drive the popularity, help other merchants sales revenue.

domestic experience of VR offline store is still in the early stage of development, most is to rely on some simple hardware, such as the VR devices, such as egg chair, dynamic seat body feeling gun, running machine, etc. , mainly concentrated in the large shopping centers, such as Internet cafes. How about VR theme experience pavilion, due to its business requirements is not high, at the same time space requirements is very small, input-output ratio is relatively high, the profit model is clear, easy to replicate and extend.

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