VR theme park market?

by:Fuhua     2020-11-14

fuhua intelligent technology with all of you here today take a look at about VR theme park market? 虚拟现实( Virtual reality) Theme park, including three levels of product: VR offline store experience, VEC virtual entertainment center, VR theme park. The following will be described in detail, development characteristics of VR theme park forms, then we'll take a look at.

what is virtual reality

VR ( Virtual Reality, Virtual Reality) Refers to the use of computer simulation to create a three-dimensional virtual world, to provide users of simulated senses such as vision, hearing, touch, let users as immersive, timely, there is no limit to observe things in three dimensions, the simple understanding technology for immersive experience.

after years of development and accumulation, virtual reality had arrived at technical point on the eve of its technology to breakthrough bottlenecks are likely to be in the foreseeable future. Low quality virtual reality helmet, it for commercial real estate, entertainment, games, theme parks and movie permeate will mean: virtual reality technology is no longer just high-end scientific research equipment, and will become the entertainment platform and used for various daily activities and experience the mass consumer goods.

status VR industry China

, according to related research of virtual reality in our country the potential number of users to 2. 8. 6 billion, bought a variety of VR equipment users reached 960000, 83. 2% of users have demand on VR movies. Extract 5626 samples in 15 provinces and municipalities by the research found that after the first year of VR has been open. It is estimated that netizens potential consumers about VR 3. 4. 4 billion, the consumer is classified into deep understanding, stay tuned, heard type, three types of consumers accounted for 4 respectively. 6%, 23. 8%, 71. 6%, and the potential consumption amount is 23. 92 million yuan respectively, 96. 47 million yuan, 2. 2. 3 billion yuan.

VR theme park

in 2015, China's contribution to the global virtual reality industry's largest, is unearthed VR offline store this product experience. With this type of video game hall form broke out unexpectedly strong vitality, and quickly become an important part of VR industry strength.

on The other hand, The two big offline VR entertainment products abroad VOID ( The United States) And Zero Latency ( Australia) , and puts forward the virtual entertainment center ( VEC) The concept of the industry watches. The birth of The VOID, also stimulate domestic appear a group of similar products and enterprises.

at the same time, VR technology combined with traditional theme parks are also carried out, foreign companies has announced the VR theme park project, intention to VR, AR ( Augmented reality) Technology is applied to the theme park.

these three forms, are referred to as VR theme park. Their common characteristic, is the VR technology applied to traditional fields, and then create a new entertainment products & ndash; — Take in the foreseeable future, believe that will be born out of the ultimate entertainment products, the core business model is offline cash flow.

and the combination of VR technology theme park, a kind of extreme cases is entirely in the virtual world to present the theme park, inside all content presented with VR and experience, can be referred to as VR virtual park theme. Primary form is reconstruction of existing theme park, this reform is not complete; Intermediate form is designed for VR design theme park, with more VR elements; Ultimate VR that exist in the form is entirely in the virtual world theme park, the user into the park after wearing VR headsets, and select the project experience & ndash; — In the form of a project is only in the abroad.

VR offline experience shop

the booming trend in 2015 to promote the development of the related parties, the second half of 2015, according to incomplete statistics of egg chair manufacturers more than 40. Several big chains get rapid development, at the same time, there are many participants in this field for investors, especially the scheme. And vendors face fierce competition, the price decline gradually; Chain operator intervention equipment production, development of own brand equipment also constitute a powerful pressure of the equipment suppliers, so part of the equipment, gradually turned to differentiate equipment research and development ( Contains software content) 。

the content developers through the cooperation with solutions suppliers and equipment, exercise the ability of technology development, through the most difficult period of 2015, also has laid the foundation for the following financing and development. For site provider, VR offline experience shop offers a new way for its commercial pattern, improve the user viscosity.

VEC virtual recreation center

this year will be the VEC preliminary growth year, this year is expected to appear more than 100 VEC stores, mainly distributed in commercial shopping center, also can appear in the scenic area and other crowded areas. On The other hand, The VOID into China, will pose some of The pressure to The domestic like product, but because The domestic market is enough big, so The domestic similar products have very big development space. In terms of types of VEC, will be diversified, such as space VR pavilion, ocean VR pavilion, VR CS, VR sports pavilion, VR werewolves pavilion, etc.

using the VR technology manufacturing real scene, instead of the traditional entity between example, allow the user to put yourself in, no dead Angle of 360 degrees to feelings of a real amusement theme park scene. Theme park's intrinsic properties such as experience, entertaining and interactive with VR technology has a natural affinity, when the theme park virtual reality, will produce a how amazing coherent effect? Let's wait and see!

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