VR + text brigade | VR the jiaolong power changbai mountain where Yin city scenic spot recovery

by:Fuhua     2020-09-15
As the birthplace of the manchu also be emperor in the qing dynasty as a land of longxing changbai mountain changbai mountain where much of the ancient city has become the key to build 'brigade fusion' the restoration of the ancient city of large-scale tourism projects as a disappeared for more than 300 years old manchu tribes to the world, appear in front of the world with the improvement of local outbreak, many scenic spots are also gradually open to the public today in neuilly Yin city scenic area can not only fill the historical time history and mystery can also experience the high and new technology and traditional culture fusion fantasy journey the jiaolong VR simulator manufacturer has housed scenic area with the help of a new VR technology comprehensive power recovery VR simulator manufacturer to introduce the jiaolong lasted more than two years of research and development time of 'VR jiaolong, simulation of the China's first independent design record of 7062 meters, maximum descend the jiaolong manned vehicle design, structural depth reduction, VR shall hold a total of 9 people experience the seat and helmets, experience into the equipment, take immersive VR helmet, submarine picture, simulation of underwater dynamic amplitude, let immersive experience. Also equipped with a deep exploration and other original VR content, to experience is just like 7000 m deep water world. In addition to the seabed exploration type of content, also with the Jurassic star ‌ ‌ actually wear the 'trump card item ‌, ‌ department to build a set of text brigade VR products body, make VR simulator manufacturer all ‌ most designed ‌ industry main ‌ VR party ‌ case providers, open ‌ ‌ rev V R brigade, new journey, transform and upgrade power VR scenic spot! Want to know more about VR + brigade 'manufacturers welcome contact VR simulator
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