VR terror game 'Hotel R 'n' R' official version released on May 28th

by:Fuhua     2020-09-16
Wolf&Wood is The terrorist's epic series Exorcist: Legion VR development team, The team will be classic rock and folklore fuses in together, gives The new connotation of The game. The development of the Hotel R 'n' R look is classic salute age of rock and metal. According to foreign media reports roadtovr, 'Hotel R 'n' R' official version of landing on May 28, Steam, Oculus and PSVR platform. As early as in late August of last year, the Hotel R 'n' R experience version is launched Steam and Oculus shop. The game is about one aspires to be a rock legend to failure to reach an agreement with the devil musician egged on by the devil crazy story hotel. In addition to the single mode, this also launched a maximum of five players to participate in the 'Pass' and Play 'mode. In this mode, players can be in more than one mini to compete with other players in the game, see who the damage effect is obvious. 'Hotel R 'n' R' there are a lot more, but are essentially about crushing. In terms of plot, you play the story of a failed musician, happened to deal with the devil. The deal you have been given a music talent, humiliation, and cash, but you have to do is completely destroy several hotel rooms around the world.
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