VR technology to simulate fire escape reality

by:Fuhua     2020-09-13
VR skills follow that s got very big development space for the progress of science and technology, and it can involve many categories, we must also not strange about this project, in many experience has its stores in the mall. A recent local skills using VR simulates the fire scene, to carry on the fire escape drill. Event, the method of science and technology 'law by China enterprise confederation WeChat little by the attention of the enterprise on behalf of the program. Law by China enterprise confederation invited each big famous excellent law firms and lawyers to join channel, has broken the traditional law firms' one-to-one 'law consulting service form, founding the' many-to-one 'new form of channelization law consultant service. Here, the lawyers' soldier 'no longer, but a means of supply law service for the enterprise. Serious doubt law problem, more zhejiang legal expert panel supply prestige academic counselling. This year, the law by China enterprise confederation official into 2. 0 s. Besides are intelligent q&a robot small degree by statute, users can also through the law by China enterprise confederation of small procedures, a key call 'lawyers' free consulting; Precise matching professional lawyer; A key download massive contract writing template; Custom law courses. And activities available in 'big society the franco-prussian information sector, but also invited the administrative legal method and some prestige to accurately. These are based on the back of strong large data analysis and artificial intelligence skills, part of the precise method to establish intelligent channel for the government. Progress in understanding fire against, from hangzhou electrical technology co. , LTD. Of the VR fire live experience area attract a lot of people stop. 'put on VR glasses, addiction type recovery of real scene, try to save again. Following the success of this fire escape drill, let we see the VR skills using generalized. Must be in the future will surely will be followed by many companies and enterprises, whether such a practice can save a lot of capital, and is very efficient, so must have its market in the future.
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