VR technology power of ice and snow sports, VR guangdong sports channel interview

by:Fuhua     2020-09-15
This year to develop the ice and snow sports in our country, with the development of VR technology, and now some are in the south of ice and snow sports lovers, also can experience inflammation in the summer the stimulation of ice and snow sports. In the past, want to promote in the south of ice and snow sports seems to be a problem, but with the development of VR technology, now there are more and more VR equipment can be provided to the ice and snow sports fans an immersive experience. In electronic games of guangzhou international exhibition held in this year, the appearance of some new VR equipment, in in the south of skiers going '. Exhibition experience VR ski equipment tourists in an interview: 'experience the feeling of VR ski is amazing, because we have not been to heavy snow, no experience skiing. Zhangjiajie success 'with Beijing's bid to host the 2020 winter Olympics, the state is becoming more and more attention to the development of ice and snow sports, and virtual reality VR technology to improve the level of ice and snow sports in China also play an important role. VR simulator manufacturer told guangdong sports channel, the founder of the CEO He Wenyi an interview: 'the development of the VR ski equipment, is to cater to the future development of the 300 million winter Olympics on ice, we will be in the center of the Olympics on the VR virtual reality ski experience, let more people can experience the fun of VR virtual reality. '' the polar adventure' is an adventure in the arctic snow area under the class ski game, in the game, players will play ski adventurers, meet different animals in ski trip, you can put the animals as mounts, to experience different skiing. In addition the VR most ski equipment support and eight people online.
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