Vr technology experience pavilion

by:Fuhua     2020-11-11

about VR, goes in tide tips people must not strange, it used computer simulations to create a three-dimensional virtual world, through the simulation of senses such as vision, hearing, touch, let a person get immersive sensory experience.

xiangshan VR science and technology museum is located in shanxi zong change test area is too elm LuMing QiMao lee garden fragrant hill park, adjacent to the new city in Shanxi Province colleges and universities. Science and technology museum covers an area of 3000 square meters, is the largest and most games project, at present our province monomer meet the consumption demand of the whole process of the first large VR technology experience pavilion, ranked the third industry. Attractions here are three main categories: adventure, disaster experience joy and children class, the disaster prevention and mitigation department, the war experience, space science and technology museum, children's educational pavilion, the 7D interaction of major venues such as movie theater, went with the VR space travel, skiing, surfing, underwater adventures, jungle hunting, 7D interactive cinema experience, typhoon, fire safety, such as VR projects, covering hundreds of all ages the gaming experience.

, according to the staff here can enjoy real wear equipment in all kinds of virtual reality scene, such as general, as it were, to cross the past, explore the future and can even overcome psychological obstacles, to strengthen the construction of psychological. In addition, the experience is also can be in simulated scenarios, such as fire, earthquake, typhoon, war escape learning, enhance the safety awareness.

come in many forms, like vr game equipment and 360 vr chair, and they all provide efficient solution for our virtual reality simulator needs.
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