VR snow-capped mountains suspension bridge is a kind of experience?

by:Fuhua     2020-10-28

VR snow mountain suspension bridge with new concept, the combination of virtual and reality perfect could only stay in front of the computer and TV broke traditional lament said what time do you can have a such a scene, VR snow-capped mountains of the VR mountains suspension bridge across equipment manufacturer, suspension bridge can provide market sentiment, solicit, square to carry on the business, in the form of ticket attractions also can follow the quarterly increase traffic, nothing is better than the real estate advertising can not only enhance the visibility and admission business manner, wanda plaza, the benefits of VR snow-capped mountains suspension bridge let you popularity soared.

at an altitude of km walk is a kind of what kind of experience? Still struggling with wanted to experience the stimulation and anxiety have life risk? It doesn't matter VR simulator to assist you in good condition this adventure, let you feel high in the wintry snowy mountain road walk feeling! Suspension bridge equipped with VR snow mountain: VR glasses, video offline, reach the stunt to attract software, air conditioning, appeared screen. VR snow-capped mountains suspension bridge on the request of the power supply places: 220 v voltage, electric current: 100 a, 26 square meters. VR snow mountain is a guest appearance, visitors also have the intense sensory stimulation, VR suspension bridge is a hot spot in the heart of the promotion of science and technology, the new chic goods battle all the visual senses, the body can withstand.

now I spend heavily on the introduction of VR video company, and make some corresponding hardware facilities, facing the country. 吗? Vr equipment marketing success stories: a Japanese beverage producer in promoting new latte beverages, in shinjuku vr experience store, use the head, suspension bridge, electric fan building snow mountain environment, realize the person after a suspension bridge to get a free drink from the microwave oven. Can see, the suspension bridge is not filled, movement; Power supply the electric fan blowing feeling and natural wind; Thin a bunk supply is not too much to keep warm, plus the wind, temperature contrast will feel cold, building a very good VR experience.

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