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by:Fuhua     2020-09-18
The tribeca film festival this year, VR has Parallux launch can view and admire a new VR together 16 people experience. The VR called Cave experience tells a story of 12000 years ago, at that time, people around the campfire and tell stories, it is the first share stories. Sebastian, chief executive of Parallux Herscher explained: 'we in the tribeca film festival set the VR experience hall, 16 seats has 16 VR head show, two row put. People come in, sit down and relax, then we will introduce the correct use of equipment. Then they will put on show, once put on show, they will be sent to the Cave in the virtual world of experience. 'When the audience look to the left or right, they will be able to see sitting in on both sides of their avatar. Every incarnation it represents men moving, moving in the same direction in the head, and 'watch' his or her to see anything. Herscher said: 'in addition, each seat has a unique perspective, just like the theatre. Sitting on the left side and sitting on the right side of the man has a very different experience and perspectives. 'Parallux developed a technology, VR head can be connected together, and it also can be like Cave VR experience. Although in the experience of tribeca show viewers limit for 16 people, but the Cave experience is designed according to 30 people. 'This is a very challenging job, because you can't focus on one person. 'Chief creative officer KrisLayng explains. 'You have to consider that everyone needs to experience a good feeling. 'Herscher added:' the most exciting in the Cave where not only the number of breakthroughs, relying instead on Kris's professional knowledge, movies, dramas and movies to create content, this is a very exciting challenges. 'Into the batch attract users Parallux founded in November 2018, but technical advisers Herscher and Ken Perlin spent years research and development of related technology, for future reality lab at New York university eventually create a Shared experience. The team believes that home AR and VR experience still has its place, believe that the Shared experience is vital to the development of industry. Herschel, says the biggest problem is how to make the content of the virtual reality enough bo person eyeball. 'There are some outstanding content creators are to promote the development of content, the design and the experience, but they can only link one or two people at a time. Don't have enough home users to the distribution of the contents. 'So we are trying to solve the problem of content. Make your content scale, it can achieve a day come into contact with the extent of the hundreds of thousands of people, that is really into the entertainment industry economies of scale. If one can only bring experience for two, three, four, will not be able to truly achieve the required quantity. 'Chief operating officer much Zetter added:' this is only applicable to places of entertainment such as arcade or cinema, this is feasible. Share Zetter think sharing experience impetus of VR become mainstream, 'sharing' let the audience excited and happy to spread this experience. 'I think there are more and more public access to the AR and VR, has sold more of the VR devices, the technology and the industry more attention, but it is still not fully mature. 'He said. 'I think we will be based on the offline VR and AR as an opportunity, by allowing people to experience the content without having to buy their own VR hardware to help promote the VR large-scale use, and will really perfect experience linked with AR and VR content, thus encouraging them to see more content and become the disseminator of the media. 'Layng said:' I think the audience for these more immersive experience has a real desire. The cinema sales are falling. I think need a few things to stimulate the people out of their homes, people want more and more, they want to step into the miracle of the world, Star Wars, I think the VR opens a whole new world. 'Parallux are actively looking for ideas to create new Shared experience, and later in the year to launch new project. Zetter said: 'our new work hours 20 minutes, one can accommodate 50 people. We are very excited, and efforts done in the second half of this year. That would make the future with sufficient imaginary space, imagine, go to the cinema is not just a movie, can also experience virtual reality, together with other people to make friends. Although consumer head show equipment is slow, but I don't mean VR unattractive, agencies and organizations of the VR experience is likely to attract a large number of audience, can organize large-scale activities, rather than as it is now, a large group of people lining up, take turns to experience a journey of VR alone. Parallux target no limitations in 50 units, but hope to go further.
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