VR safety experience pavilion equipment: typhoon escape experience

by:Fuhua     2020-10-16

we know that the typhoon is China's eastern coastal areas frequent one of the major natural disasters every year, every year to the typhoon, so for the typhoon escape experience becomes extremely important.

VR typhoon experience pavilion scaffolding, platform, simulated the wind falling, collapse and so on more than 10 kinds of production safety accident scene, for the nine people experience at the same time. Use video, the wind effect and electronic spray technology, through the spray outlet air, audio, video, lighting, multimedia system, simulate a typhoon comes to the experience of the real scene. VR glasses with sound, explanation, and the dynamic effect of all-in-one, can have the experience in the first Angle of 360 degrees to watch the movie, that experience is a real sense and the effect of vibration, shaking and falling accident, like the scene.

VR can bring more effective training content, to rescue more timely and quickly. To apply virtual reality technology to the scene of the disaster, disaster acting in advance at the beginning of the virtual reality development has been the concern of the people. Fuhua intelligence science and technology of the VR applications will also be more widespread, VR escape experience zone, VR simulation fire extinguishing installation, games, interactive, audio-visual broadcast area, fire fighting equipment demonstration, high-rise escape experience area and so on, especially VR escape experience area, VR simulation fire extinguishing installation area, a large amount of use of the computer control technology, integrating propaganda, entertainment, experience.

compared with written materials, students in the use of image materials can quickly grasp the related knowledge. VR to create interest in young students, it is often difficult to sit normal class without fresh and meaningful things to attract their imagination. Fuhua intelligent science and technology, VR can be very good to expand the imagination of children, and give them the experience of shock, help them to learn new things.

because of VR is amazing people experience, novel, interesting, compared with the traditional industry of high investment cost, long back to this period, the market competition, low profit space factors, more and more entrepreneurs are willing to invest money in VR. With the popularity of VR market a new batch of VR entrepreneurs is also followed, a growing number of VR safety experience pavilion has proliferated in various medium cities around the world.

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