VR rhythm shooter Audica forthcoming, to 'Beat the Saber 'match?

by:Fuhua     2020-09-29
In 2018, the Beat the Saber 'become the most popular of the most popular VR music rhythm games, online download over 160000 22 days, sales of 17 million. Recently, a new VR rhythm shooter Audica released, and determined in the March 7 issue, it can with 'Beat the Saber 'match? The Audica developers for Harmonix, is a famous American music game developers, the company has for years been stand in the forefront of the same products, whether the Rock Band VR series or the Amplitude, can bring unforgettable music rhythm and gaming experience. The VR rhythm shooter 'Audica' what are the unique gaming experience? The Audica created the first person shooter game, FPS) Shooting rhythm action video games, the player according to the rhythm of music, facing the oncoming alien target shooting. At the same time need to use blue and orange gun to gun at the target, and its break points at the right time. Whether a single target or a series of smaller goals, need to be sprayed. Game is not only looks interesting, but Harmonix music is also attractive. As one of the most famous movie game makers, Harmonix music will is one of the world's top. The Audica music library mainly contains some of the world's most popular electronic music works of the creator. List mechanism, in addition, the game also has lets players with rivals compete all over the world. The VR rhythm shooter 'Audica' on March 7th through Steam and Oculus Store first to HTC Vive and Oculus Rift users, priced at 19. 99 dollars, experience version contains 10 songs out of authorization of the music score. Each song will have four difficult, plus an optional environment group and a weapon. Ranking function will also appear in experience version. Sounds like 'Beat the Saber, the biggest difference, is that you will target through ways to deduce various rhythm, not cut off the square to express to you. The current game reveal information not much, though unable to judge whether the Audica can have with 'Beat the Saber ', or even better game experience. But with VR entertainment fields as Harmonix such well-known developers devoted himself to participate in, how to prove the development potential of VR entertainment. Let's hope for the future to have more VR games more interesting! VR simulator manufacturer is focus on VR software and hardware development, VR games custom development, VR equipment production and sales of high-tech enterprises. The future series, classic series, situational series and so on dozens of VR game equipment products, including VR racing, VR shooting, VR music, VR adventure, VR, skiing etc. Various type of VR games. VR simulator equipment products sold at home and abroad, all over the world were exported to Britain, the United States, Japan, Korea and other dozens of countries and regions. Its offline entertainment platform: VRLe has more than 20 million consumer service, the platform content 600 kinds, services more than 3500 VR experience pavilion. VR simulator manufacturer also provides one-stop VR experience pavilion join profit plan, including VR experience pavilion site selection, site design, the whole hall effect, operational guidance, technical training and after-sales service, etc.
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