VR rhythm game 'Synth Riders' free updates Spin Mode

by:Fuhua     2020-09-13
VR rhythm game 'Synth Riders' is not only a music rhythm against square game, different from Beat the Saber with a more rapid way to move your body, the experience is very similar to the dance, is a very good way to burn calories VR + exercise. The game released recently by far the most massive free updates 'Spin Mode'. This update adds a new dance model and rendering, aimed at making the player quickly immersed in a more dynamic dance. The Synth Riders 'Spin Mode' edition provides dance music in the 90, 180, 360 - degree rotation Mode and can be custom pieces of new functions, created a vivid VR ballroom for players comprehensive entertainment effect. In addition to 'Spin Mode' Mode, the game also open the configuration file is 'play' configuration, allowing players to easily default 'Dance' and 'Force' and 'Spin' function, so as to edit the custom character Dance music. In addition, the game also provides Denmark 'synthwave' and 'retro - Company 'electronic dance music artists of free stuff' Star Fighte ', as well as the new dance music editor Spin City and Vanish Notes. Kluge Interactive creative director Abraham Aguero Benzecri said: 'nice to bring the dance lovers' Spin Mode 'new pattern, under this Mode, the player can release potential of dance dance music and choreography, quickly immersed in the virtual world of the music. 'In addition, the Synth Riders' will be released on August 13, new music package 'Cyberpunk Essentials', and the music pack will be synchronized online Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and steam Index platform. The Synth Riders, the difference between other VR sound to swim, to make players have choreographed dance, in order to gain more immersive experience, dance to the music lovers do is certainly worth a play.
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