VR racing game Death will Lap on the Oculus Rift and Oculus Quest

by:Fuhua     2020-09-05
The world has not completely the same two racing Games, and soon, from OZWE Games new VR racing game 'Death Lap' will meet with the Quest and Rift platform user, and provide you break traditional rules of the road racing experience. Please fasten your seat belt, because the driver is not a good man next door. Death Lap is a new passion combat racing VR games, the game by space theme of VR mobile game was all the rage the AnSha, Star Wars, Anshar战争) , 'AnSha, Star Wars 2' ( Anshwar战争2) And Anshar Wars 2 developers OZWE Games development. In fact, as early as last month, OZWE Games was released the Death Lap ', on the subsequent OC6 OZWE marketing and communications director Alma Moya Losada discussed the game. She also let's try the Oculus Quest to run on a version of the game. In Death in the Lap, OZWE Games designed many kinds of car type, let the players can use all sorts of vehicles and weapons systems to tear up the track and its rivals. More details about the protagonist, OZWE StephaneIntissar, chief executive of Games in the Oculus blog, Nitro Saint Payne, the fictional characters borrowed from a series of super villain: diffuse marvel comic the evil genius of Arcade,; Diffuse marvel comic slavers Mojo. Stephen king's science fiction in 'The Running Man' Dan Killian; Superhero batman's Nemesis clown; And the main villain in '101 dalmatians' library IRA DE vere, a very dirty and very self. Nitro is a former champion, and turned into a deadly racing games organizers. He is French, but came out first in the game from all over the world. He later suffered a tragedy, but from the tragedy he conceived out of the 'Death Lap'. For loading game, the player may be alienation eat eat mermaid, electrocuted by evil clown, relentless pressure or by giant dice. Players can choose five cars, but they all have their own unique characteristics and roles, and have different style and weapons. Each car has its own advantages, weapons and special abilities. Nitro created five dangerous track: the psychedelic desert, burning oil fields, diablo in Las Vegas, abandoned theme park, and a giant pinball. The game can support up to 6 people compete, Death Lap will also provide a single game options. In multiplayer mode, will also allow players to ridicule each other, and also can get the global league through competition.
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