VR products in the 5 d cinema dynamic investment promotion to join

by:Fuhua     2020-10-19

VR products for you with without a general visual experience, bring different visual feeling, VR products of fuhua intelligence technology 5 d cinema, let you love at first sight!

fuhua intelligent technology investment promotion to join 5 d cinema, invite you to buster! Homemade removable mobile film house, flow management, and is not subject to regional restrictions. 5 d cinema within the 5 d cinema directly installed in the van, no appearance, run everywhere. This is also the most characteristic of VR products.

with the development of the theater entertainment technology and entertainment market demand, people will not only fall, blowing, vibration, water spray, scratching and other special effects is introduced into dynamic cinema, 5 d cinema also designed according to the scene of the film effects such as fog, rain, photoelectric, bubble, formed a unique experience, this is the 5 d cinema is very popular today.

VR products should choose more bustling place, 5D cinema, too. 5 d cinema investment promotion to join in the local areas, stream where to open stores, collect tickets directly by the people from time to time. 5 d cinema, the use of seat effects and environmental effects, 5 d cinema with surreal feeling with special synchronization performance, stimulative effect. The 5 d cinema joined according to the regional market need, to cooperate with the famous media publicity.

5 d cinema investment promotion to join? Huge rich market, waiting for you, big rich gold mine excavation waiting for you, 5D cinema investment promotion to join, waiting to earn! 5 d cinema in simulation scenarios and the special organ set up to simulate the actual events, at the same time of be vividly portrayed, lifelike three-dimensional images, with variations, to simulate the thunder and lightning, wind and frost, rain and snow, blast and other special effects.

if you still have what not understand place, can call consulting our company in guangzhou. Guangzhou fuhua do VR products, the most powerful manufacturers, with all aspects. Do you want to open a shop, you can understand first.

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