VR Peking Opera, the Spring Festival bring different 'hit'

by:Fuhua     2020-08-29
The 3rd Beijing fang 2019 'new culture will grandly held, this is Beijing fang unique series of activities during the New Year, one of the activities for February 5, 2019 - 10. This year's theme is 'anecdotal holidays', from 'Peking Opera culture', 'workshop hand', 'the festival atmosphere fair' and 'scene' in the new interpretations of traditional festival culture experience, including VR to see Beijing Opera is the most bright eye. No plays, also need not worry about not enough seats, more don't have to worry about no good seat, just put on VR glasses, can experience with four big HuiBan boat into Beijing, and in the huguang guild hall close to enjoy Beijing Opera on the stage of the summer classic MingDuan 'divergence', feel the charm of the traditional quintessence. QuanYeChang VR Peking Opera experience area, QiBaWei visitors are experiencing wearing makeup appearance of VR glasses, urheen, elegant and classic image, action will appear in the eyes. Aside, the children are excited to begin click on the screen, the divergence of the two leading role as 'instructions' fighting up. In addition, visitors can experience VR tour huguang guild hall and city landscape interaction, etc. This project adopts the forefront in the field of science and technology the volume of the capture, motion capture, 3 d scanning technology, such as by laser holographic projection and more space for immersive VR interaction and other forms of National People's Congress, the traditional Peking Opera and modern technology combine, is not the same as 'hit'. In addition to the 'Beijing Opera' culture plate content, QuanYeChang layer also dotted with a variety of activities related to their traditional culture, each full of festival atmosphere. Start to write their own everyone, hanging in the hall in the middle of wishing tree; 'Mate hand' can make up Chinese knot, write Spring Festival couplets, cutting window; 'The festival atmosphere fair' fusion hanfu experience, artisan craftsmen, tea, wine, products cover wear, wear, live, line, every originality fine content is extremely rich sense of quality and temperature. This year's Beijing fang 'new culture' time at 11 PM to 5 PM every day, responsible, said this time planning is combined with the characteristics of the Beijing fang; 'numerous Beijing in all kinds of restaurants, cafes, tourists can visit try bureau qi cuisine at the same time, drink starbucks coffee, also don't delay you relatives and friends during the day. 'VR simulator manufacturer is focus on VR software and hardware development, VR games custom development, VR equipment production and sales of high-tech enterprises. The future series, classic series, situational series and so on dozens of VR game equipment products, including VR racing, VR shooting, VR music, VR adventure, VR, skiing etc. Various type of VR games. VR simulator equipment products sold at home and abroad, all over the world were exported to Britain, the United States, Japan, Korea and other dozens of countries and regions. Its offline entertainment platform: VRLe has more than 20 million consumer service, the platform content 600 kinds, services more than 3500 VR experience pavilion. VR simulator manufacturer also provides one-stop VR experience pavilion join profit plan, including VR experience pavilion site selection, site design, the whole hall effect, operational guidance, technical training and after-sales service, etc.
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