VR + party leading, coagulation heart cohesion

by:Fuhua     2020-09-10
The development of the society cannot leave the party's guidance, under the guidance of the communist party of China, the socialist construction fruits, politics, economy and culture achieved rapid development. Work under the new era, with the informatization, network continues to deepen, the party construction of traditional science to face-to-face, field observation, and the limit of time and space, the party members especially the young tend to significantly reduce the appeal of the party members with the development of VR technology, VR technology provided a new possibility for popular science education for red, VR party was the result of the era of progress, for the party construction education provides a new way. VR party solves the difficulty at the primary level party member education organization, learning form a single, training results cannot show, she keep pace with The Times, with immersive, interactive, experiential learning, to party members through time and space, let the history books of calligraphy and painting and the word 'alive', make the party more deep comprehension difficult course, coagulation hearts meet force, hammer rotten party spirit to improve literacy. VR party construction education will go to show in many aspects: VR party experience hall, the party construction of VR, VR China a great long march route again, VR, VR red tourism, VR army building, VR, VR, chairman of the communist party of China (the nineteenth speaking learning pavilion and VR integrity, etc. VR party building learning resource design the interactive function of many interest dye-in-the-wood, immersive feeling of real experience for users. Is not only to the party member's learning opportunities, but also can let people understand the party's course, let them experience of the hardships of the red army had snow mountain, experience the war scenes to shoot down the enemy. Don't forget the beginner's mind, keep in mind that the mission! VR + party leading, coagulation heart cohesion. By VR to carry out the party's propaganda, which not only can promote the enthusiasm of learners, in the form of entertainment and spread the party culture, also can deepen the learner's impression. Follow the party's guidance to coagulation hearts meet force, create a better future. VR party reflects the party's advanced nature. The communist party of China started with era pace, and always stand in the forefront of The Times development, promotes the progress of China. The party construction of VR is a new trend in the development of VR industry, pioneer do you want with me?
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