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by:Fuhua     2020-09-25
On August 6 in the morning, in the wanda plaza is located in deyang, wanda commercial circle 'party lounge', brought together many people visiting experience, by citizens called 'warm small home'. Have to wonder, the present scientific and technological progress too quickly, the party construction of VR experience pavilion has been popularized by the life of people, VR technology has been applied in the field, each big and VR in the party construction of virtual reality technology is applied to the exhibition hall, through the visual, auditory and other all-round three-dimensional use, make immersive, interactive learning experience of red culture, add interest to the red popular science education, have the experience can be more intuitive feel the party's hardships, to strengthen the party spirit accomplishment, let party class education popularization to the life of the masses. VR party construction to the Internet, mobile communication, virtual reality and other new technology is applied to the party's construction, realizes the party building and the fusion of modern information technology, in the history of the party's important event reduction to continuously explore, for the grass-roots party construction development with the wings of the 'information'. Through the VR ( Virtual reality) Technology, application of three-dimensional visual, auditory, so, create immersive, interactive learning experience, break traditional experiential education space and time limit, the red of red revolutionary scenario, in order to deepen the party member education study results, the purpose of this action is good do a good job in the new era of party construction innovation. The emergence of VR party experience pavilion will strengthen our party's cognition, we love the party's feelings. The advantages of VR party experience hall 1, with the VR immersive experience effect, party construction in the VR devices designed many interactive function, witnessing wav five strong men firmness unyielding national integrity, and patriotism, experience FeiDuo luding bridge's battling resistance. Have the experience as if, to deepen their perception of VR party education knowledge and experience. 2, VR learning libraries do not take up space, the reality of party members to set the year experience learning program, through the VR technology combining experiential education and conventional education, build more perfect party member education and examination system, the new changes to the way the party construction to achieve genuine learning, new breakthrough. 3, by means of VR virtual reality technology, virtual reality devices as the carrier, around the party's core idea, refining the core content, for the national party members and cadres to provide an immersive, without being limited by the site and the content is extremely rich in high quality learning experience. By constantly enrich the content updates, seeking truth from facts, advancing with The Times, with the party. 4, and party construction of VR is a new kind of new times education mode, is a nationwide with civilization, advanced, benchmarking party education new mode. Party construction education has not only for the broad masses of party members and cadres at all levels, it also faces the broad social masses, such a high interactivity, high participation and experience of the party construction of the new education platform, let by the party spirit few social masses at ordinary times can easily learn to knowledge of the party. VR party experience pavilion widely applicable, such as: revolutionary history memorial hall, memorial hall, the revolutionary martyrs memorial, war hero experience hall, party history experience hall, VR red tourism experience, party building exhibition hall, honest education center, business hall, the red culture education center, important speech 'leaders' pavilion, etc. I believe that in the near future, the party construction of VR experience pavilion will be advanced technology to make the red culture education earth-shaking changes, the red culture spread and popularization, from traditional enterprises and institutions to face a more broad masses of the people, let the party construction of VR continuously spread to life, the party leading, work dream weavers. Bold believe our party! Therefore, the development of VR party experience pavilion is imperative!
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