VR parkour game 'Stride' this summer is about to hit

by:Fuhua     2020-09-09
Recently, VR games Joy Way announced new actions, simulation class VR games: 'Stride', is expected to be launched this summer. , which was inspired by the famous game 'the edge of the mirror', the main game is at the top of the city in a controller action on the experience of 'parkour' scale, speed and may give a smooth move locomotion mechanism of experience brings a big challenge. Joy Way has revealed some of the latest information, he said 'Stride' besides PCVR landing platform in the summer, also is expected to land PSVR and Oculus Quest platform. In addition, the game's content length will for several hours, the studio also plans to add more options in the later, in order to make the player more immersion. At present, the movement mechanism in the VR games is in a stage of rapid development and exploration. Although standing shift operation and mechanism on the gaming experience are very comfortable for most players, but players still hope to be able to in a more natural way by explore the game world. Although in VR games based on the rocker mechanism of translation has become more and more common, but so far, we see in VR games the best motion system more or motion through the player body to generate the movement effect, not only control handle through the fingers. , in contrast, the Lone Echo ', 'Sprint Vector' and 'Stormland' is the most famous of these, they are the typical representative of the immersive VR system, takes note of the immersive of the game, the degree of freedom and comfort. With the same purpose, the Stride is an ambitious attempt to 'the edge of the mirror' in the style of parkour mechanism into VR games, and elements into the battle. Players can even shoot while parkour, fully shows the game fresh and high contrast visual style. Currently, Joy Way plan for Oculus, SteamVR, Viveport platform to launch, but not clear whether the Oculus platform including the Quest all-in-one PC version, and whether the Oculus version by SteamVR experience. Anyway, even if there is no special Quest version, still can experience through the Oculus Link access PC VR model.
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