VR panoramic skills to lead a new era for 'Internet +' revolutionary skills

by:Fuhua     2020-08-30
Just as operating stores have troubles, trust in many enterprises, the company will be a tougher and more complicated problems, a little bit of gross exaggeration of the difference is in the eyes of the customer, and there are advantage will be a little bit. Why is that? Because you won't be able to show their unique characteristics, may have its own centre secret weapon. Then. In the intense market competition environment, it needs a little different, attract many people's eyes. VR panoramic skills, leading to the new era of the 'Internet +' revolutionary skills, will restore a real yourself, in broad Internet channels, makes you edgy! So exactly what VR panoramic effect, can help us into the existing troubles? VR panorama with a fresh perspective, the intuitive feelings like empathy, stream from one field scene, and can operate control, communication, marketing, attract customers, seems to be in a really international. First, VR panoramic skills can decrease capital marketing, increase the profit. For example in the aspect of promoting and pushing, all aspects of the show effect than traditional images, and really live show of enterprises, the company will be sent to you or store boss bring good word-of-mouth, the advantages of the speed of word of mouth bring you tend to be very pleasantly surprised. Else, in the aspects of information is also included in the increasingly diverse, no longer limited to a brief screen dimension, convey accurate information distortion. With the use of VR panoramic skills, real estate, malls, restaurants, home improvement, the company's product display hall, boutique, flagship store, KTV, hotel rooms, gym, and campus space, also no longer has time to address the constraints, and makes the watch becomes more convenient and quick. So, compared with other enterprises, company, shop boss, using VR skills panoramic display you can now in related professional stunt, and improve the visibility and brand influence. Then, with consumers permanent seeking the most realistic consumption experience. VR panoramic skills to reach the people want to be a reality of the specification, for instance will baijia is the use of advanced VR/AR skills and chain blocks, the actual city shopping mall, shop, hotel, school, hospital, spreading attractions such as all economic unit in virtual city 1:1 really appears, to build with the actual city of virtual city. Internet environment information flat, was too one-sided, the use of VR panorama is can easy to solve, because the reality is the most touched the hearts of. In the end, the VR panoramic skills can be widely used in urban planning, interior design, industrial design, simulation, miracle recovery, bridge road travel real estate sale, education, water conservancy, electric power, geological disasters, such as education and training a lot of categories, VR skills combined with various professional will spark erasure is not the same.
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