VR painted the Color Space to update Another World

by:Fuhua     2020-09-08
Color Space is by Danny Bittman, Anna Krasner and LighthausVR developer cooperation launched over a period of two years, 360 ° immersive VR coloring game, the price is a 9. 99 dollars. Has compatible Oculus Quest and Rift, starting will include 13 virtual coloring book, including the mandala, natural landscape, such as science fiction scene style. Players can use color palette and rods, in a variety of monochrome world, giving the color of the biological life. In the creative space, one of the most interesting game is interactive elements, when players to painting the color of the strokes, the world seemed to be awakened, spread on the grass green, light up in the past the castle lights, rivers top-down pentium, planets tireless. 。 。 。 。 。 Finished a painting has created a vivid world, this is probably the game can get the biggest achievement. Lighthaus inc. recently launched its VR casual games the Color Space of new free updates 'Another World'. The Color Space in March this year launched Oculus store, compatible Oculus Quest and Oculus Rift head show, the price is a 9. 99 dollars. Since then, Another World game after its release in the update packages make map number increased from 13 to 16, in the game players will be in a lush and full of mysterious planet, while enjoying the new original music game, to VR dye creative works of art. Reporters in March with the Color Space, creative director and game composer Danny Bittman chat about the creation of the Color Space. Bittman over the years has always insisted on using VR tools create VR works of art, his works are collected in 'the Museum of Other Realities' such as VR applications. Bittman says, the Color Space is a allows players to Color the artists of art creative casual games, this is largely different from Tilt Brush or Gravity VR content creation tools such as the Sketch. Shut the brain, aimlessly for intricate art painting, incredibly relaxing and especially immersed in VR. In the era of full of conflicts and global panic, color space is likely to be the world's need quiet VR experience, if not locked in a state of very interesting people to kill time.
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