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by:Fuhua     2020-09-19
A three-dimensional, immersive VR technology advances, under the information interaction will achievement of a technology giant, VR industry contain huge market space also become existing technology giant realm of layout. From the point of the size of the market, according to the forecast of Greenlight, global VR overall market size of more than $60 billion in 2018, is expected to VR market scale will reach 160 billion yuan in 2020, during the compound growth rate for 63. 3%; According to ccid consulting, in 2017 China's VR market size is 16 billion yuan, up 164% from a year earlier, in 2020 is expected to increase to 91. 8 billion yuan, 2017 - In 2020 during the compound growth rate will reach 77. 85%, higher than global growth. From the point of shipments, according to IDC's latest report, global head of AR/VR shipments will reach 8. 9 million units in 2019, 54 year-on-year growth. 1% of global shipments are expected to exceed 68. 6 million in 2023, among which VR head of shipments will reach 36. 7 million units, 2019 - Compound annual growth rate for 46 during 2023. 7%. In 2018 China AR, head of VR equipment shipments up to 3, respectively. 20000 and 116. 80000, by 2023 China head of VR equipment shipments will exceed 1050. 10000, AR head equipment shipments will reach 821. 40000, 2019 - Compound annual growth rate for the 55 during 2023. 15%, higher than global growth. From patent quantity, number of VR/AR application for a patent for a year more than doubled in the past four years, from 13619 in 2014 to increase to 32083 in 2018, proved more and more companies associated with VR and AR is applying for patent protection. VR industry chain analysis VR with PC, mobile phone industry chain is relatively similar, can be divided into hardware, operating system and development platform, and application and the content of main parts. Upstream: hardware mainly includes chip, MEMS sensor, motion-sensing device, display device, and many other devices and related software, the main domestic and foreign suppliers shown in the table below, the current foreign suppliers in the field of chips, sensors, leading domestic technical maturity is more, but have pursued the stage in China. Middle: at present, the consumption level of VR hardware products mainly have three forms: VR handset head, Glasses box/no screen head show) Host, VR head, Fission machine) And VR all-in-one ( Independent head show) 。 In general, VR handset head belong to low-end products, VR headsets and VR all-in-one for more high-end products. From the point of development process, the first is the samsung, Google and other companies and the Internet giant is given priority to, launch VR phone head. Then is the Oculus, SONY and HTC to introduce VR on behalf of the host first. VR handset head show because of the relatively cheap hardware equipment and the performance of the mobile phone limit and cause the overall application content to show the effect is not very desirable, although brought consumer entry-level experience, but experience is not good, so phased out by the market. Since then, in order to support more high quality content of VR, gradual transformation of VR hardware companies host first show, VR hardware performance get a boost, but costly price limits the growth of market demand. With the development of the market demand gradually differentiate into the third class head show - — VR all-in-one. Since 2017 VR all-in-one PC market brings the industry of convenience and immersive wireless content to establish a foundation for the construction of high quality, and this is the key driving force to realize large-scale popularization. At present, in general, SONY, Oculus and HTC are three major manufacturers of high-end VR equipment, SONY has been focused on external game VR headsets game application of the host, but the Oculus, HTC has in VR host first show and VR machine layout. According to the extension 墣 industry research institute predicted that in 2018, Sony, Oculus and HTC shipments respectively 2 million units, 900000 units, 600000 units. Oculus product growth in 2019 is the largest, including existing Oculus Rift, cooperate with millet Oculus Go, plus will launch in early 2019 Oculus Quest, product lines, forecast shipments will climb to 1. 7 million, while Sony PS VR in under the condition of new product has not yet been launched, forecasts will only grow to 2. 2 million units. Mainland VR terminal manufacturers including iQIYI, big friends of VR, Pico ( Birds see) , huawei, etc. , among which great friends in VR host heads are more layout, all-in-one, Pico and iQIYI focuses on the development of all-in-one. In addition, it is important to note that the 70% of the world's top head by song, foundry, the mainland also has a lot of cooperation with the other VR manufacturers, our country has become a global VR equipment hardware procurement and assembly center. From the point of operating systems, different VR host show need different host system to support the head, and most of the VR all-in-one PC operating system mostly based on the different versions of the android system development. From the content, major VR vendors will cooperate with so many games, video platform, will also own part of content production.
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