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by:Fuhua     2020-11-17

lone star children VR is fuhua intelligent technology manufacturers, for 5 - Children aged eight research and development of a new concept of children's educational integration of entertainment equipment, can develop children's imagination, stimulate the creativity of children. Lone star who is a series of hardware, software, content platform, a VR technique to vertical product such as scene interaction, the whole equipment includes a handheld children VR glasses, interesting puzzle game library, run stable business platform, powerful mainframe computers and monitors, etc. At present, haven't similar products on the market.

1) handheld VR glasses: children can to experience a 360 & deg; Panoramic view, build an immersive environment, the experience of wearing VR glasses turn head, the scene will follow corresponding mobile; Around the handle on each have a key, is used for auxiliary experience to complete the operation of the main interface and puzzles in the scene interaction, such as selection, enter the game, switch, shooting, archery, cast the net, shooting and so on.

2. Interesting puzzle games library: it contains plays, music, sports, leisure, etc. The first perspective of rich educational VR boutique games, children can exercise the management strategy, anticipation ability, the ability of distinguish ability, exploring ability, space imagination ability and hand-eye coordination ability, etc. Each game length control in 3 minutes, when the design in color, contrast, brightness, objects in the scene movement speed takes into consideration the characteristics of children's physical and mental development.

3. Stable running of merchants platforms: to view pricing of each game, run times, operating income, income sources, etc. , to facilitate merchants according to actual condition adjust each game pricing and check the operating daily, monthly report and other operational data, etc. Payment can be divided into two kinds, one is to pay, the other is WeChat scan code to pay, after payment to start the game.

(4) : powerful mainframe computers and monitors the performance of the host to ensure the children VR system and operation of the game running smooth, exterior design, suit children's aesthetic of monitor.

tell you children VR manufacturer fuhua, innovation point

1) handheld children VR glasses: lone star people with VR glasses is the first children specifically for research and development of VR glasses, according to the 5 - China 8 years old children's developmental characteristics of the design of VR glasses pd, in line with the facial features in children of this age, I use the blue coating lens, from hardware to reduce the impact on children's vision. The VR glasses at the same time is also the world's first handheld VR glasses, holding a way can reduce the load pressure of children, to the greatest extent to interactive buttons do into left and right sides of the two handles, use more convenient.

(2) children's eye pattern: the lone star who also carry on 5 - 8 years old children's eyeball development situation of the research and development mode of eye, run the game by default when open the eye pattern, scene environment adaptive adjustment to the corresponding color temperature of school-age children, contrast, brightness, etc.

(3) content online update: get through the channel of online updates, eliminate offline manually update ( Now B products commonly adopt the way of offline artificial regeneration) 。 Fuhua intelligent technology will be through the merchant platform to push the latest high-quality goods game content, the merchants can be directly through the platform to realize the content online update operation.

to create a child VR product, fuhua intelligent technology is children happy healthy consumption growth for the purpose, to combine education equipment let children hall full development, but also seize the child's psychological tendency to design & quot; Lone star & quot; Vr equipment series.

tell you children VR manufacturer fuhua, everyone can make money start-ups

when someone still think VR headsets are no real purpose, people are still thinking when it's time to use high-end and cheap VR devices, more want to children, now the welfare of the children, the children the VR coin or WeChat payments paid, 3 - each time 5 yuan, so low threshold using the $ten thousand level of VR devices, it's very happy bird! !

, and say good welfare? That is the product use offline distribution model, to promote business to the laying of sales across the country. How to make?

is divided into two modes:

a, merchants pattern: coin-operated education entertainment equipment, children can play content updates, in the right places, you are responsible for money, a few months to half a year back to the net profit after several years, with a focus on the company to retrieve the depreciation. Firmly.

2, pushed the business mode, push the business is to have intention to push the business or businesses recruit agent. Every time you sell a your profit is 3000, 3000, 3000. Your immediate subordinates each sell a you a profit of 800. Take your contacts and line power, push straight dozens of is not the problem, the lower push a dozen again, congratulations to counter attack! !

this project is very good, you want to cooperation with children VR fuhua manufacturer? Quickly picked up the phone in your hands:

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