VR large space why popular offline VR experience store?

by:Fuhua     2020-09-17
From traditional video games city to VR egg chair era, to the subsequent extensive VR experience ( Arcade type VR, multiplayer online FPS, many movie theaters and other forms) , and then to today's VR large space fully experience the feeling of new development in the form of entertainment, offline iteration in quietly in the form of entertainment. In 2019, the capital, giant, game companies have turned to VR large space, VR large space why popular offline VR experience store? 1, VR offline entertainment began to pursue a more extreme experience 'the VR is a kind of strong limitations of traditional experience, the high and large space is an open, interactive and strong offline social function of new entertainment form. In contrast, more attractive to consumers. 'VR offline upgrade of entertainment, is actually a process of tao sha. According to market research analysis agency GreenLight released 'the Location - 2019 -based Virtual Reality Industry Report, according to a Report in 2019 global offline VR experience shop is expected to more than 13000, of which China offline VR experience shops will reach 5400. In the random sampling of Greenlight, nearly 24% of experience store opened in first-tier cities, and in these cities experience inn in nearly 83% of experience shop provide many people online, 17% of the experience shop using large space dynamic system. And the proportion is increasing. Focus on domestic VR offline market, from $2016 in offline experience products are mainly composed of egg chair. Content experience mainly virtual playground facilities, such as virtual roller coaster or big pendulum. 2017 - 2018 offline experience products mainly to HTC Vive, Oculus Rift VR is given priority to, such as PC at the same time equipped with a certain hardware facilities, such as the box body or the rocker, forming an arcade style of VR experience, let the user in a small range of space for a simple interaction experience. About 4000 - currently offline VR experience shops 5000, divided into three types: the first type is a theme park, provide more high-end experience, such as large space VR, VR amusement park roller coaster; The second is shop store atrium, the local traffic is high, the store number, this kind of account for 30% of the total 40%, in part, to attract users by hardware, in part, to attract users by content; The last one is 'small workshops' model, in some residential areas and some shops open position, operation cost is low, the content and word of mouth to attract users, these account for 50% of the market. Throughout the VR offline entertainment development, it has realized the multiple stages of upgrades, like VR box out of the market, the early 'slag experience' VR devices are phased out. Under the trend of overall experience ascension, VR experience will be a new large space. 2, technological breakthrough allows VR large space to popularization of present large space VR experience hardware consists of the following forms: basic computer bag, optics, laser capture + + wireless adapter which is the highest form of VR offline entertainment, is also the most expensive form. Motion capture is divided into different principle such as optics, laser, inertial technology, it has emerged, as early as 20 or 30 years ago and in film and television animation on this application is already very mature, for example, in the actor's motion capture, expression is the application of again. Common dynamic capture company including optical motion capture Optitrack, Vicon, fiend, domestic Rayleigh ( Optical) And also make ( Optical + inertia) , national ChengWanTong ( The laser) , green eye visual ( The laser) StepVR ( Optical) And so on. Its advantage lies in the extensibility and flexibility is strong, especially in the mix it pays attention to the experience of the precise, scene props also need to be within the positioning of the case, by increasing the cameras and tracking point can be done, and people also can increase the anchor point to the whole body motion capture. The computer bag and wireless receiver used generally collocation, some collocation felt vest and so on will also strengthen the immersive accessories, usually equipment down the whole body weight above 5 kg, is the strongest immersive, most accurate, is also the most expensive. Even so, in The high-end VR large spatial experience is still The mainstream, The Void, Dreamscape, Zerolantency etc. Adopt is The plan. 2·蒸汽。 Computer bag 0 + + Tracker from Steam. 2. Zero out the location of base station is VR large space for the development of a new stage. Four base station for 100 square meters large space positioning, moments that make high threshold of VR big space to experience the cost dropped by more than one dimension. After the launch, it is not difficult to find the offline market experience of large space project was increased obviously. In the Steam VR2. 0 before release, the traditional optical motion capture because of high price threshold, large space usage scenarios for military, training, scientific research laboratory, the exhibition as well as the main high-end experience of VR offline entertainment projects, often in the value of hundreds of thousands of millions of yuan investment level. While the Steam2. 0 to 100 square meters of base station form four people experience as an example, the first show + the cost of the backpack can control within 100000. If you need the waist, legs increase the anchor point to the body, only need to increase the Tracker can do it. 3 more mature than the online and offline market Survios CEO Seth Gerson: 'the Raw Data of the first revenue comes not from the online retail, but from the store offline experiences. 'It's not hard to find, at present the content of the manufacturer on the attitude of VR games, more concentrated in the field of offline, and this is closely related with the market environment of VR entertainment, at the present stage of offline market more mature than online.
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