VR joint HTCVIVE first 3 k hd head Vive Pro upgrade VR new entertainment

by:Fuhua     2020-09-17
On April 2, 2018 - VR industry feast - - - 2018 Asian VR& AR fair import and export commodities fair in guangzhou, China ( Canton fair exhibition hall area A) Held a grand, more than 300 brands, from more than 100 countries around the world, the pavilion area of more than 20000 square meters, has 100000 professional audience is worth looking forward to from. Joint VR simulator manufacturer HTC VIVE application show VIVE Pro represents the highest level of similar products on the market of virtual reality show VIVE Pro head, CES at the beginning of the year 2018 for the first time, VR simulator manufacturer as HTCVIVE strategic partners, in the field of VR new entertainment, take the lead in combining VIVE Pro hot style products, launched a new generation of VR entertainment brought a different kind of VR feast for attendees. 'Live 360 degrees of popularity, from the point of view' as a new entertainment advocate of the virtual reality, VR simulator manufacturer exhibited the power series 'future', 'situation' series 'classic series' three big series VR new entertainment products. And the main theme entertainment series 'situation' products used in industry the highest level head show Vive Pro, has been praised by the players, the magic. 'Main VR theme park expedition VR equipment for the first time application Vive Pro' virtual reality theme park is based on the traditional theme park, fusion VR virtual reality technology, cooperate with virtual reality helmets and other equipment, the virtual world architecture in the real world, situational series products, the main positioning theme park project, through the Vive Pro blessings, traditional amusement inspire more powerful energy. Vive Pro resolution made a sharp rise, monocular resolution 1440 x 1600, eyes achieved 2880 x1600 is made with 78% improvement; Higher resolution means a slight grating effect, Vive Pro Pro head show carefully optimized ergonomic design let wear feel more balanced and comfortable, carry VR simulator manufacturer 'situation series' product, theme scene stimulation, held at present the best immersed entertainment market effect. 'The daylights out of VR application first Vive Pro' and 'matrix space VR equipment for the first time application Vive Pro' VR simulator manufacturer 'future series' product, shocked appearance in addition to the main topic type series 'situation' products, the main hot style sheet is tasted the thought 'future' series, a strong appearance of 2018 Asian VR& AR exposition, cool white and blue model of 'future' series is very eye-catching, the perfect integration of modelling, let a person as if place oneself future virtual reality experience pavilion, science and technology feeling empty. VR simulator manufacturer with strong product development capabilities, and iterative speed, efficient products by market recognition, situation display series for the first time this year, the scene was so enthusiastic. Among them, the door of the space and time, the time of the flywheel, the jedi guardians debut has also been on-site experience players acclaim, VR simulator manufacturer committed to global high-quality offline VR entertainment experience, service VR entertainment hall more than 3500, the global exports to Britain, the United States, Japan, Korea, dubai, Croatia, Indonesia, Australia, Singapore, Taiwan, more than 40 countries and regions. Space-time door high plateau effect, open a shop will be on guard jedi for gun enthusiasts and flywheel extreme stimulation time, challenge themselves more future series has been imitated, never been beyond the speed of light wheel + rapid lightning whole feels dye-in-the-wood content more than VR technology, limitless fun - — Time machine 720 degrees skiing athletic VR experience - — Title race combination of snow, a total of over beyond reality, and reconstructing the world is the VR games and entertainment content of the current development brings us an unprecedented experience, more and more high quality VR entertainment in shinning. Virtual reality technology is affecting more and more extensive entertainment industry, accelerate the steps of mass diffusion. VR simulator manufacturer with HTCVIVE depth cooperation, will bring customers the best virtual reality entertainment solutions, Vive Pro applications, coupled with guest broad market, be sure to bring change to the industry, to subvert the old business model, create more profit growth point. As a new technology, new music and on behalf of the industry the highest quality of entertainment show manufacturer HTCVIVE VR head, will continue to uphold with VR technology can assign a new faith, for the entertainment industry is committed to 'VR + theme park, VR + video city, VR + experience store, VR + scenic area, VR + science and technology museum, VR + red experience, VR + safety education', and other fields, and upgrade the traditional entertainment industry mode to 'VR +' pattern, offline entertainment industry to usher in the new era of VR. The pavilion booth: 3. R103 # 1 booth about HTC VIVE HTC VIVE built the world's first the most immersive PC virtual reality system - — VIVE。 The device integrates the breakthrough space positioning ( 房间里, 规模) Mobile tracking technology, comprehensive support sitting, standing, a wide range of mobile experience a variety of ways, with VIVEPro pro and VIVE Focus all-in-one innovation such as equipment of representing the highest quality of the product portfolio. By leading the VIVE series of hardware products, the world's most active VR/AR accelerator VIVE X, cross-platform application stores Viveport across regions and focus on content development and distribution of VIVE Studios and other organic compounds constitute a powerful and perfect ecological system, is for consumers, developers and business users with the highest quality virtual reality experience, release the unlimited potential of virtual reality technology.
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