VR, initiation 2019

by:Fuhua     2020-09-06
Speaking of business, what would you think of? Wechat business? Taobao shop? Now there is a new business model has - — VR, this is a do not fully be developed gold mine, has been with business acumen came to countless entrepreneurs. Today, we came to the bottom of the most popular VR to join! The word VR believes that many friends are not strange, last year and this year many technology site often can see about 'VR' related reports. VR has been tepid development for many years, today, the real experience, is still a few people have played with VR, although the industry has repeatedly on VR immersive experience, but VR is widely accepted by people seem forever separated by a layer of enough, how all tong is not broken. Now 5 g, joining again for interests of VR. VR is what mean? VR full name: Virtual Reality or Virtual Reality, or lingjinghutong technology. The connotation of the virtual reality is actually a comprehensive utilization of computer graphic system and all kinds of reality and control interface equipment, such as on computer generated, interactive 3 d environment provide immersed sense technology, similar to the 3 d technology, saw 3 d movie friends should be more. Join the VR model: 1, the standard store mode: to spend about 5 - as a whole 100000 yuan, 20 - business model 30 square meters. This pattern is mostly to large shopping mall. Crowded pedestrian street etc set up shop, decorate a style based on scene, scene free switch. Suitable for the initial startup limited funding, investors, the main business is given priority to with business. 2, running mode: spend about 10 - as a whole 200000 yuan, operating area of 50 square meters. This model is suitable for smaller stores or office buildings or SOHO, effective use of space, using professional template framework VR scene, free switch 3 big scene, make many times of money, in membership card sales way to achieve continuous flow of customer consumption. 3, flagship store mode: total investment of about 300000 yuan, operating area of 100 square meters. This model is as a professional experience of VR technology image store form, more spacious experience space, more professional products and equipment, can organize small group interaction game, let the store reputation rapidly promote, gains more. Along with the development of science and technology and the improving of the people demand, game experience is no longer limited to the screen, but moved to real space, real visit, experience among them, stimulate the sense of multiplication, it also makes the VR industry more and more people chase after hold in both hands. Therefore, VR joining is also a good choice for entrepreneurs.
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