Vr gaming experience hall 3 days make 110000 it's as simple as that

by:Fuhua     2020-10-26

if you still in the struggle to return to earn a bucket of gold?

still falter when it comes to choosing which business plan? Teach you how to build a profitable VR experience pavilion theme park! !

225 - square - meter 10 equipment 3 days received more than 20000 people! Include experience, athletic, car, children, and many other categories, meet the needs of different customers! Received 20000, three days if charges, according to the set of RMB 60 calculation, 100000 profit is harder?

profit little secret: establish a one-stop VR theme park, the first thing to diversification. Divided into multiple recreation areas, such as experience area, sports area, parent-child mutual entertainment area, etc. , satisfy the consumers of different hobbies.

second, to configure takatsubo effect products equipment, to speed up the shop throughput, strive for profit maximization. In addition, set up different from rival shop treasure, greatly enhance the competitiveness of the store!

in the end, of course, have to choose the more popular product, can quickly gain for stores, so your VR theme park natural customer continuously, profit also continuously! Scope of application: - 200 3000 ㎡ large VR theme park guild wars attracting thousands of fans!

profit little secret: is good at using competitive products planning stores events, drive to store atmosphere to absorb more and more popular, more traveler heads and greatly improve store customer viscosity, achieve substantial revenue. Using range: 20 - Over 200 ㎡ small VR theme park as the shooting on theater, flying experience, extreme sports, parent-child mutual entertainment area, and many other areas, to build the best entertainment atmosphere, store high popularity! It is worth mentioning that the shopkeeper put the 5D cinema is located in the sea world park, the remaining 16 device is applied to VR theme park outside the park, two stores joint close collaboration each other, each other drainage, greatly improved the customer viscosity, promote customer consumption, sentiment, profitability, double harvest!

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