VR gaming devices the development potential of what size is it? Facebook and new equipment!

by:Fuhua     2020-09-29
How can experience the shoulders of the game? Can let you like, as it were, somatosensory interaction? VR gaming devices to help you achieve, in VR gaming experience, we can not only experience a variety of games can also enjoy the large-format private cinema, etc. VR gaming devices is a wonderful world, with the development of science and technology and era, the development of VR gaming devices potential is also growing. Few days ago, Facebook launched a new, can use virtual reality VR equipment independently, the company for the device named 'Quest', when it comes to this Quest, it is the first integration of virtual reality system, with degrees of freedom is designed to let users look around any direction and roaming in the virtual world. The emergence of the system, make VR games experience more enjoyable, let the user experience more intense. , according to the research and development staff to understand the research and development of the Quest for more than two years, each eye display resolution is 1600 x1440, and using the four super wide Angle sensor, computer vision algorithm, without any external sensors can real-time tracking the player's exact location. In addition, Facebook also launched the Oculus Insight technology, to strengthen the user immersive and mobility. Surprisingly, head of the VR devices, can let users in the largest 4000 square feet, nearly 372 square meters of space inside the freedom of action, of course, it also can be equipped with hand motion controller, at the beginning of the launch will support more than 50 existing Oculus application. This new Quest, is the use of plastic material to reduce the weight, so as to strengthen the monitor refresh rate, make it to at least 90 hz, rather than on market now generally use 60 hz or most of the 72 hz VR gaming devices are much higher, through the improvement, will strengthen the players when wearing it VR gaming devices of ornamental and gaming experience. What that VR gaming devices the development potential of what size is it? With the love of the masses, VR equipment basic are found to be able to experience the game, in VR gaming experience pavilion, VR virtual reality games can be divided into a lot of a lot of kinds, suitable crowd is very broad. Around the perimeter of the design safety of soft wall body, small to 6 to 60 players can play it VR virtual games. Whether it is a movie type of deep sea exploration, feel the mysterious beautiful ocean, Or the end of the exciting survival 'zombie battle'; Or is on the fire in the wild west of the 'cowboy'; From the future of the game, aaa masterpiece 'half-life: Alxy' and so on, there is always a game suit your taste. Therefore, facing such a large user market, VR devices of game development potential is unlimited. To sum up, the development prospects of VR virtual game equipment, VR virtual gaming devices on the market potential, we are visible to the naked eye, in major shopping malls, business circle, we all can see the VR games check-up pavilion, with the popularity of fragmentation consumption, VR gaming experience pavilion like mini KTV, entered the public's field of vision. Want to join VR gaming devices together? That VR simulator manufacturer for more quickly!
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